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Why You Should Buy a PS4 Pro Today (And Not Wait for the PS5)

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Are you debating whether to buy a PS4 Pro today (or anytime in the near future for that matter), or hold out until the PS5 is released? Good news! You’re not alone.

There are tons of people who, right now, are deciding whether or not they should take the plunge right now and enjoy the two or so years left on their consoles, or wait for the ninth-generation of Sony’s long-running console.

What Is The PlayStation 4 Pro?

The PlayStation 4 Pro is the bigger, badder, meaner version of the original PlayStation 4. Although technically not a next-generation machine, Sony’s mid-cycle upgrade touts better performance compared to its cheaper counterpart. Among other additional features included are smoother frame rates, high dynamic range or HDR, and 4K support.

Released at the tail end of 2016, the PlayStation 4 Pro has allowed Sony to establish a previously untapped high-end gaming console market. To date, the console’s library of games that are able to make use of the powerful consoles extra graphical juice continue to grow.

Unfortunately, while the PlayStation 4 Pro was the best and most powerful console during the time of its release, that no longer is the case. Microsoft’s Xbox One X boasts better raw CPU and graphics performance, with the power to run many games at their native 4K resolution, as opposed to resorting to a visual trickery that merely resembles 4K, which is what the PS4 Pro does.

So, does that mean you should not buy a PS4 Pro anymore? Hardly. Although the PS4 Pro no longer is the biggest and baddest in the console market, the PS4 still holds a sizeable lead over the Xbox One when it comes to which console has better and more exclusives. Not to mention, the PlayStation 4 Pro, which comes at $399, is significantly cheaper compared to the Xbox One X at $499.

This combination of a lower price and still-excellent performance, as well as a more robust library of exclusives, makes buying a PS4 Pro a no-brainer for people who own both 1080p AND 4K screens.

Why You Should Still Buy a PS4 Pro

The thing is, even though the PS4 Pro, or rather, the original PS4, is technically nearing the end of its life-cycle, that doesn’t mean we’re going to start seeing fewer games released for it.

On the contrary, the past few years have been great for the library of games that the PlayStation 4 has, both in terms of quality and quantity.

Case in point, in its early years, the PS4 didn’t really have any exclusives that warranted buying the console outright. The best games that the console had included the likes of Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us (Remastered), among others. Back then, you’d have to be a really huge fan of Sony to convince yourself to buy a PlayStation. But, ever since, more and more titles have popped up for the PlayStation 4, some of which are exclusive to the console.

This includes the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War (2018), and the recently-released Spiderman PS4. And though Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 is no longer a Sony-exclusive, there are still far more people playing it on the PlayStation 4 compared to the Xbox One.

This means that in terms of sheer number of people you get to play with online via multiplayer, and the number of quality titles that you can play, PlayStation 4 has the upper hand.

For more in-depth details, be sure to click here for our article on why you should buy a PS4 Pro.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait for the PS5

It’s highly likely that we’re looking at an early PlayStation 5 release. Sony might deny it all they want, but we all know that it’s coming sooner rather than later. However, even if there’s going to be a console shift, that’s still at least two to four years from now.

Not to mention, just like the PlayStation 4 early on, there’ll be few games available exclusively for the PlayStation 5 at the time of its release. Most games released for the PS5 will likely be available to be played using the PS4 as well, and with the added grunt of the PS4 Pro, you’d be able to run the more demanding games without worrying if your console can take it..

It’d take at least two to three years into the life of the ninth-generation console before buying a PS4 Pro becomes a waste of money, and by then, you probably would’ve been able to save up enough money after buying a PS4 Pro to buy a PS5 (or even its expected mid-cycle upgrade).

The truth is, the only reason why you should not buy a PS4 Pro is if you already have a PlayStation 4 right now and you’re content with the performance. There’s very little reason to upgrade, especially if you don’t own a 4K TV and don’t plan on buying one for yourself anytime soon.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the choice is yours to make. However, if you feel like your launch-edition PlayStation 4 is already starting to show signs of age, buying a PlayStation 4 Pro should be a no-brainer. The same goes if you’re a late adopter into the console and want nothing but the absolute best that Sony has to offer right now.

The thing is, it’s not just eye candy that the PlayStation 4 Pro has to offer over its little brother. The smoother frame rates, faster loading times, lower temperatures and quieter operation all make the PlayStation 4 Pro a significantly better product that’s worth buying, even if the PS5 is released two years from now.

TLDR; If you don’t have a PS4 already and want to get into console gaming, buy a PS4 Pro. Even if you don’t end up playing in 4K, the additional performance and enhancements on a “normal” 1080p TV are worth the $100 premium over the basic PS4 console.

Are you on the fence on whether you should buy a PS4 Pro today? Are you planning on waiting for the PS5? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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  1. Avatar

    My wife got me one at the suggestion of her nephew so we could. play games together. He’s really into Warframe and GodofWar. Does. The disc drive always sound so loud and running on lightspeed? I bought Horizon Forbidden. West and God of War. I loaded both games and the sound of the disc drive was so loud, I couldn’t hear the sound of my t.v.! Do you think I should send it back to Amazon. where my wife got it from? Or just donate it? My Xbox doesn’t make that much! Maybe 10% of the noise of the PlayStation. Plus the fact the controller dies after 10 minutes!

    • Avatar

      Was this a new or refurbished unit? They usually make noise after a year or so but not when new. But the noise is usually from the fan for most people. The disc drive makes noise on occasions but it shouldn’t be loud all the time. It sounds faulty so if you can exchange it for another then definitely go ahead with that option.

  2. Avatar

    Not a gamer but each time I look into it and get curious about a ps4 a “new one is coming” and the price quotes for a ps4 pro vary wildly from articles quoting it at $326 on Amazon when it actually costs over $400 to $500 on Amazon. Confusing and Frustrating and at this rate I doubt I’ll ever get into gaming at all with so much conflicting information.

    • Avatar

      amazon is a The source of lies

  3. Avatar

    There is a man named Caleb out there who really should and needs to get a PS4 Pro. Some say it is a need-want, others say it’s just basic human survival. Get a PS4 Pro and get it now. The Final Fantasy quests won’t complete themselves ya know. Final Fantasy needs you to get a PS4 Pro and the sooner the better.

    • Avatar

      We all know they are going to make pro version of the ps5, slim, or another variation of the ps5. I would say get the 4 pro and wait for a 5 bundle that you want like minter hunter edition.

  4. Avatar

    I think it might really be best to wait for the SP5, as it is so powerful, and downward compatible. I am still using the SP3, and it still is reasonable.

    • Avatar

      Good advice for those without urgent need!

      • Avatar

        Urgent need?
        An urgent need means that you have food at home at night :/

  5. Avatar

    If you can buy a PS4 Pro right now then you’re better off saving that money for the holiday launch.. it all depends on your patience. The PS5 is a HUGE improvement thanks to the SSD, controller, and more power, capable of running PS4 games at better fps. Just be patient.

  6. Avatar

    I think the ps4 pro is the best it is better than any console and better than the ps5 and xbox 2 because the ps4 pro is one of the best console of all time

    • Avatar

      how is the PRO better than the PS5??1

      • Avatar

        It is a lie
        Some of these thieves just want to sell their product like Sony … Everyone buys is a Really stupid .

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