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Spiderman PS4: The Supervillains We Want to See the Most

spiderman villains

With the release of Spiderman PS4 fast approaching, it’s safe to say that the hype for the Sony exclusive is starting to reach a fever pitch. But, as much as we already know about the game’s main antagonists, which includes Mr. Negative and the Green Goblin, among others, we can’t help but think about how the game has the potential to play host to plenty more.

After all, in all his years of being Spiderman, Peter Parker has made his fair share of iconic enemies.

Having said that, we took the time to scour through Spidey’s rogues gallery for supervillains that we definitely would love to see in the upcoming Spiderman PS4 game.

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1. Kraven the Hunter

Spider-man has made a number of enemies throughout his years as a superhero. However, none are as dangerous and as cunning as Sergei KRavinoff, better known as Kraven the Hunter.

Powered by a special serum that gives him enormous strength, Kraven is the perfect mix of tactical and battle genius, as well as raw power. In fact, this combination has actually seen the supervillain take down Spider-Man and literally bury him alive.

Kraven may have already appeared in other Spider-Man video games before, but none have really managed to capture the complexity of this powerful villain.

Insomniac Games might just become the first to do so with Spiderman PS4.

2. Venom

First things first. We’ve already received confirmation that Venom won’t appear in Spiderman PS4. But, even so, that only makes us want to see Eddie Brock and his alien symbiote even more. And besides, we’ve yet to receive an official confirmation that Venom wouldn’t make it into the game, even as a DLC.

Considering that the wildly successful Batman Arkham franchise took a gamble with introducing iconic villains as DLCs and succeeding with it, it is possible that Insomniac Games will be looking to do the same. Or, they could take a page off of Rocksteady Studios’ books once again and decide to leave Venom untouched for a potential sequel down the line.

If the latter happens, then it’ll be a damn shame that it’s happening later rather than soon. Even if that holds true, though, fans will be wise to expect Insomniac Games to find a way to squeeze in one of the Spiderman’s most iconic enemies into the story line, even if it’s only the symbiote’s human form, Eddie Brock.

3. Massacre

Spiderman PS4

Massacre is more of a minor villain that a supervillain, but that’s not a knock on him. He has also been a thorn on Spider-man’s side nevertheless.

A victim of a failed assasination attempt that left him widowed and unable to feel emotion or empathy, Massacre is a vessel of pure hatred and revenge who’s hellbent on causing some chaos.

As one of Spider-man’s lesser known villains, Massacre probably won’t be granted big baddy status if he even is added to the game at all. But, adding him to the game shouldn’t be that hard, even if only as a side quest. It’s not hard to envision players playing through a side-story early in the game involving a failed assonation attemt only to lead to an inevitable showdown between Massacre and Spider-man.

As a villain who doesn’t hesitant on killing even the innocent, Massacre is the exact opposite of the friendly neighborhood web-head and can serve as the perfect test of skill for the players.

4. Mysterio

Spiderman PS4
Image via MattDeMino


Hands up if you ever thought Scarecrow had the potential to become the villain he showed in the Batman Arkham series. In Arkham Knight, in particular, Scarecrow used his fear toxin to plunge the entire city into chaos. He almost succeeded in doing so too. And while Mysterio is no Scarecrow, the similarities between the two are just kind of hard to ignore.

Relying more on spcial effects, acting, and trickery instead of superpowers, Mysterio’s penchant for creating illusions could make him the perfect secondary villain that has the potential to seriously mess with Peter Parker’s head.

5. Sandman

Fans who haven’t read the comic books likely won’t have a good idea just how iconic this Spider-Man Villain is. But he is, and while Sandman hasn’t appeared since his god-damn-awful transition to film back in 2007’s Spiderman-3 movie, the graphical fidelity afforded by the PS4 and appearance on Spiderman PS4 could help revitalise this villain.

Seeing that we already know that the game will mostly revolve around the Sinister Six, it only makes sense that another eventual member of the group makes its way into the game. Of course, we can only hope. Because, like Venom, it has since been confirmed that Sandman won’t be appearing in the game.

If Sandman does indeed make an appearance (probably in a DLC), his ability to change into whatever he likes combined with the power of the PlayStation 4 could make for a truly unforgettable boss battle.

6. Green Goblin

Spiderman PS4
Image via MattDeMino

The Spiderman PS4 game just won’t be complete without the Green Goblin. After all, he is, and forever will be, Spider-man’s most recognisable enemy.

We already know that Norman Osborn will serve as one of the game’s primary antagonists. What we don’t know is that whether or not he will make an appearance as the Green Goblin, or if he even is the supper villain at all, and if he is, if anybody knows of his secret identiy.

Armed with his iconic glider and superhuman strength, Green Goblin is as crazy and as dangerous as they come. But, that’s not all. Another one of Green Goblin’s main draw is the fact that, in many incarnations, he has a personal relationship with Peter Mark — the man behind the mask — which often culminates in an epic showdown between good and evil.

It’s been too long since we’ve seen Green Goblin make an appearance in the Spider-Man Universe. It’s high time that someone brings him back, and who better to do so than Insomniac Games in Spiderman PS4.

Final Thoughts

As of the moment, there are twelve supervillains confirmed to appear in Spiderman PS4. We’ve either seen them in the trailers, as is the case with Scorpion, Shocker, Mister Negative, Vulture, Electro, Silver Sable, Norman Osborn, and a sixth mystery member of the Sinister Six; or have received confirmation they are going to appear in the game, like Taskmaster, Kingpin, and Black Cat.

Ultimately, though, it probably doesn’t matter who’s going to appear in Spiderman PS4. We’re too excited to see good ol spidey gracing the gaming world with his presence once again to care.

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Which villain are you most excited to see make an appearance in the Spiderman PS4 game? Do you think Insomniac Games will surprise the world with a couple of unnanounced additions once the game releases? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below

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