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Spider-Man PS4: Everything We Know So Far


The all-new Spider-Man PS4 game, which was teased first back in Q4 2016, is being developed by Insomniac Games, the same developers responsible for iconic PlayStation exclusives such as Sly Cooper and the Ratchet and Clank series.

The much-anticipated Spider-Man PS4 game will officially launch later this year as confirmed by the game’s developers, Insomniac Games, last week.

With Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham series already having come to an end with Arkham Knight, there’s a serious lack in AAA superhero video game adaptions in the market today. Insert, the Spider-Man PS4 game.

This PS4 exclusive is unlike many of the Spider-man games we’ve seen in the past. Or at least, that’s what the game’s many trailers seem to suggest. But then again, there’s little doubt that Insomniac Games will deliver. Especially since they have the full co-operation of Marvel. If we are to fancy a guess, if the Spider-Man PS4 game proves successful, we’re going to see Marvel back many other superhero video games pretty soon.

Spider-Man PS4

That’s way too far in the future, though. For now, our focus is on the Spider-Man PS4 game, which has been the subject of many speculations. Here’s a gist of what we know so far: it’s an open world game, you’re going to be playing as 23-year-old Peter Parker, and it will focus on his life as a civilian as it would on his life as a superhero.

You’ll find more details for the Spider-Man PS4 game below, as well as any fresh news as soon as they land.

Spider-Man PS4 release date: September 7, 2018
Developer: Insomniac Games
Publisher: Sony
Format: PS4

How Does Spider-Man PS4 Look?

Based on the Spider-Man PS4 trailers we’ve seen so far, the game looks absolutely amazing.

Back in 27, E3 treated fans to a 9 minute-long, gameplay trailer. It showcased many of the game’s features, from the combat, stealth and of course, how the web-slinging will be. Also, in case you’re wondering, Miles Morales will indeed be in the game. However, there aren’t any details as of yet if players are going to play as him at some point in the game.

In any case, here’s the trailer below:

The latest trailer dropped more recently, which finally gave the game a release date, as well as the bonuses included for those who want to pre-order. Freebies include early unlock of the Spider-Drone Gadget, 5 extra skill points, instant in-game access to the Spider Suit Pack, and finally, a brand-new Spider-Man PSN Avatar and PS4 theme.

Click here for the pre-order trailer.

What’s the Story of Spider-Man PS4?

Spider-Man PS4

We don’t exactly know how the story is going to be like. Although since Peter Parker is already 23 in the game, we probably won’t be playing through his first few years as a superhero. But we can’t rule out the possibility just yet; there might be portions of the game where you play as an adolescent Peter Park who’s still coming to grips with his new-found superpower.

Also, bad news in case you’re hoping that it’s going to be related to anything Spider-Man related that’s already out today. Spider-Man PS4 will be unrelated to any one of the Amazing Spider-Man movies, or any Spider-Man film or animated show in general. The story will be 100% unique and original to the game.

We also know that Spider-Man will not be able to hurt civilians in any way. He can take a selfie with them, though, swinging upside-down and all. He can also do all sorts of whacky poses or give them a high-five, which is a nice added touch to help capture the feeling of what it’s truly like to be play as Spidey himself.

Will Spiderman-PS4 Have Microtransactions or DLC?

Spider-Man PS4

As expected, Spider-Man PS4 will come in various editions. The normal edition will sell for $59.99 and comes with the base game along. The Digital Deluxe version, which sells for $79.99, will feature three DLC chapters, new missions, costumes, and villains. It’s probably safe to say that the villains will be exclusive to the new chapters.

For anyone who has a spare $149.99 lying around somewhere, the Collector’s Edition is pretty neat. It has everything that the Digital Deluxe version comes with and more, including an art book, a steel case, and a statue of Spiderman posing on top of something. As can be seen in the pre-order trailer and the screenshot above, we don’t know exactly what that something is yet. Most likely it’ll have something to do with the special DLC suits.

Speaking of DLCs, Spider-Man PS4 will have three. But good news, it won’t have any microtransactions.

As for the villains, the only confirmed so far has been Mr Negative and Kingpin (Daredevil cameo maybe?). However, according to GameInformer’s exclusive gameplay reveal,  villains such as Shocker, Rhino, Scorpion, Taskmaster, and Vulture should make an appearance in the game in some form, with Black Cat starring in first of the game’s three story DLC packs.

Be sure to check out our customer Spiderman PS4 controller if you plan on pre-ordering the game or picking it up once it hits store shelves.

What Is the Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay Like?

The Spider-Man PS4 E3 gameplay demo was amazing, especially how smooth the chase sequences was. But, if you thought that it was scripted, then you’re wrong.

Insomniac Games’ Community Director James Stevenson confirmed at E3 that “there is always a web anchor point.” He then went on to add that everything will be momentum and physics-based. This is pretty similar to what Spider-Man 2 did on the PlayStation 2 way back when albeit with tad bit more realism than the PS2 classic.

Other Important Spider-Man PS4 Details

  • The game is set in a realistic version of New York City that’s completely unique to itself at the same time. Although there will be quite a few familiar establishments, including the Sanctum Sanctorum, Avengers Tower, and even the Wakandan Embassy. Will we see the Avengers, Black Panther or Doctor Strange in-game? We’ll never know. Insomniac Games have yet to fully confirm which Marvel superheroes will make an appearance in the game.
  • Unfortunately, Spider-Man PS4 will not include the famous balloon hunting sidequest of Spider-Man 2. Instead, it will have its own set of side-quests, including:
    • Scouring New York for all the backpacks Peter had previously webbed
    • Taking down outposts controlled by the villain Kingpin
    • The occasional random street crime
    • Taking photos of gold cats, presumably for Black Cat
    • Spoiling Taskmaster’s plans and refusing any bombs he laid all over the cit
  • The game’s plot will cover a few weeks, albeit we don’t exactly know what the plot will actually be like or how long it will play.
  • You can actually play as a Mary Jane and she knows that Peter is Spider-Man. The catch? They’re not together.
  • Uncle Ben is not going to die in the game, so don’t even go there.

Are you excited for Spider-Man PS4? What are your expectations for the game? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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