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Custom PS5 Controllers

Made by gamers, for gamers. We offer a wide range of features and plenty of designs to ensure you are happy with your PS5 controller.

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Custom PS5 Controllers

We offer a wide range of features and plenty of designs to ensure you are happy with your PS5 controller.

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Our tournament PS5 controllers are perfect for any serious gamer.

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PS5 controllers that are available in a variety of colours, styles and patterns.​

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Use the UK's most comprehensive PS5 controller builder to create a truly unique and personal controller.​


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Whate the Critics say

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All of TCP's pro controllers come with "ClickSticks," which are remappable back inputs that are raised sticks that stand just about as tall as the width of your middle finger. It's an interesting concept that is executed quite well. These sticks have a natural curve to them along with ridges. The layout feels natural and offers an alternative option to those who find traditional back paddles or triggers uncomfortable.
Steven Petite
Steven Petite is GameSpot's lead commerce editor
September 27, 2022
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The Controller People are aptly named. They put the work in to make quality products, and you can truly customize every aspect of your build. While there are plenty of standard parts and practices in play, the ClickStick back studs are terrific, offering a different feel to back buttons that are arguably better than what you’ve used before. All of that along with stellar customer service makes The Controller People’s custom PS5 controller a great pickup for anyone wanting a controller with extra personality at a fair price.
David Burdette
David Burdette is a gamer/writer/content creator from TN and Lead Editor for Gaming Trend
December 6, 2022
pslifestyle logo
While the Digital Triggers, modular analog sticks, and grip are all great add-ons, I’d like to give a special mention to the removed rumbles. I know it doesn’t sound as exciting, but the weight loss that results from their removal is a game-changer. I always felt like the stock DualSense was a little too heavy, forcing me to rest it on my lap during marathon gaming sessions. I imagine most enthusiasts will disable vibration to limit distractions, so why not remove the rumble entirely? The Controller People has done this. What’s more, the Adaptive Triggers can also be removed to cut even more weight.
Mack Ashworth
Wednesday, November 02, 2022
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Well, we get 'clicky' digital triggers and a genuinely lighter pad with a longer battery life. This makes for a controller old-school players will enjoy. The D-pad too is unique, as each button is a separate button, meaning this is fantastic for 2D fighting games and retro titles. It has small responsive rear paddles too. This one is a little different.
Ian Dean
Ian Dean is Editor, Digital Arts & Design at Creative Bloq
November 11, 2022
mp1st logo
As far as third-party pro controllers, The Controller People PS5 Pro Controller offers the most bang for buck for now. We were also told that these new versions are using the V2 boards which makes them a whole lot sturdier too — something I can attest to, as I’ve been testing my controller out for a few weeks now with various multiplayer shooters and single-player games, and it has worked perfectly without a hitch so far.
Alex Co
December 12, 2022
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The TCP Pro controller for PS5 is a great gaming accessory. It’s comfortable to hold, has great build quality, and its button layout is very user-friendly. If you’re looking for a great controller to use with your PS5, the TCP Pro is definitely worth checking out.
Co-Founder | editor
November 7, 2022
gamerevolution logo
As the PlayStation community recovers from the surprisingly expensive DualSense Edge price tag, I’ve been on the hunt for a cheap yet cheerful custom PS5 controller solution. For me, the must-have feature for any custom pad, above all other modifications, is back buttons. Unfortunately, many custom controller sellers bundle in a load of other modifications that quickly boost the price up. Thankfully, for those on a tighter budget, who just want the back buttons and not much more, the TCP Pro PS5 controller is a simple, yet effective, choice.
Mack Ashworth
Lead Editor
October 27, 2022

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