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The Best PS4 Accessories: A Holiday Gift Guide

ps4 accessory

There are tons of thingamajigs on the market that claim to be the best PS4 accessories. Most of them are a sham — nothing but mere gimmicks to siphon money out of you. Sure, they can be useful at times, but for the price you’re paying for them, you’re better off not buying any at all. But, while there are tons of bad PS4 accessories out there, there are still a number of who make for great gifts, either to yourself or to your gamer friend or loved one this holiday season.

So, without further delay, we came up with a list of the some of the best PS4 accessories available on the market today.

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1. Seagate 2TB Game Drive

Best PS4 Accessories

At most, the PlayStation 4 can have 2TB worth of storage. But, that’s only if you were lucky enough to snag one of those “500 Million Limited Edition” version of Sony’s latest gen console. If you’re like most people, however, you’re stuck with at least 500gb. Though substantial, that’s simply not enough.

Enter, the Seagate Game Drive.

You can choose from the 2TB or 4TB version, although either one should be fine. The former, which retails for $79.99, can store an average of 50 games and allow you to enjoy playing until your heart’s content without worrying about running out of disk space anytime soon.

Plug-and-play, all you have to do is to plug in the Seagate 2TB Game Drive, and that’s it.

2. PlayStation 4 Camera

Best PS4 Accessories

Sony hit the jackpot when they lowered the entry price of the PlayStation 4 when it first launched. Unfortunately, it came at the expense of not having the PlayStation 4 Camera included in the bundle, which is a damn shame, as it’s one of most useful and best PS4 accessories around.

Whether you want to play games like Just Dance 2018 or try out some of the console’s cool features like facial recognition sign-in, the PS4 camera is an absolute must.

3. Media Remote for PlayStation 4

Best PS4 Accessories

Sometimes, the best PS4 accessories aren’t the ones that typically jump off of the page and make you wow.

The media remote for the PlayStation 4, though not a necessity, is an absolute wonder to have. Sure, we all can agree on how beautifully designed the PS4 controller is, but as intuitive it is to use, controlling media — like watching DVDs and Blue-ray discs — still feels much more natural when you’re using a remote. This is especially true if you’re letting a non-gamer friend or family member use your PS4 as a media player.

If you share your PS4 with non gamers, the Media Remote for PlayStation 4, is a no-brainer.

4. PlayStation VR

Since its release in fall of 2016, the PlayStation VR has only seen increased support, and with the PlayStation 4 Pro cheaper than ever, there’s really no reason not to try out Sony’s VR offering anymore.

From the nightmare-inducing Resident Evil 7 to the surprisingly charming Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, the PSVR will let you enjoy gaming in ways that you never thought you ever could.

5. TCP Ultimate II

Best PS4 Accessories

There’s nothing more annoying than being so hyped up to jump into a game only to die over and over again as you try to carry your squad into a victory. Any FPS player will attest to the fact that it’s never your fault why this happens — it’s always the controller.

With the TCP Ultimate II from TheControllerPeople, you’ll no longer have any excuse.

Featuring an ergonomic design, complete with extra buttons, an improved grip, and an interchangeable analog system, among others, the TCP Ultimate II will allow you to keep on fragging and winning, all without putting as much of a strain on your thumbs and fingers (or back, from all of that carrying).

6. PowerShockA DualShock 4 Controller Charging Situation

Best PS4 Accessories

Unlike other console controllers, PS4 users can enjoy not having to swap out batteries anymore because they can simply recharge their controllers when it’s out of juice. But, while you can always charge your PS4 controller using any microUSB charger you can find, there’s always the easier (and flashier) way to do things.

That’s where the PowerShockA DualShock 4 controller charging station comes in.

Officially licensed by Sony, this charging station helps ensure that your controllers are always ready to frag or go adventuring anytime that you are.

Using the charging station is very easy. You only need to connect it to a power source via its AC adapter and once done, you can simply line up and click the controllers down into their proper places on either side. In less than two hours, you’ll have a fully charged controller waiting to be drained once again.

7. 10-Foot Long microUSB Cable

Best PS4 Accessories

If you don’t have a 10-foot long microUSB cable, then what else are you spending your money on?

For PS4 users, this is a definite must. You see, the default charging cable of the PS4 isn’t really that long. Although you can always charge your controller beforehand, sometimes, those gaming binges can last long enough for you to fully drain even your spare controller. When that happens, what do you do? Well, with a 10-foot long microUSB cable, you can continue playing as if you’re still on the couch, instead of having to pull yourself in closer to adjust to the default cable’s length.

8. PlayStation Plus PSN Membership

What use would you have for the best-selling console on the market today if you can’t play with your friends, or, at the very least, show off your achievements?

The truth is, multiplayer is where it’s at right now, and you’re missing out if you play offline exclusively. But, even if that’s the case, it’s still no reason why you shouldn’t buy a PlayStation Plus PSN membership, especially during the holidays. Not only will you have access to multiplayer benefits and other bonus content, but with a PSN membership, you’ll get free games every month, and some of them are games that you would’ve been more than happy to pay for at their regular price.

With so many benefits to be had, the PSN membership may be an unlikely accessories, but it’s no doubt one of the best PS4 accessories out there.

9. RDS Industries Game System PS4 Case

Best PS4 Accessories

To be upfront, there are tons of manufacturers out there selling PS4 cases. Most of their products are okay, and you definitely won’t be making the wrong choice regardless of who you buy from. However, in our search for the best PS4 accessories, we’re not just content with “okay”, we want nothing but the absolute best.

That’s what the RDS Industries Game System PS4 case is.

The perfect gift to yourself or any PS4 gamer for the holidays, RDS Industries’ PS4 case is one of the highest rated and most versatile in the market. Designed to be just the right size for easy portability, you can hand-carry the bag, carry it over your shoulder, or pack it into luggage. Either way, the bag can keep your PS4 wrapped snug and tight inside, so there’s very little risk of damage to the console, if at all.

With enough space for your controllers, two games, and other accessories like the PlayStation 4 camera, and more, you certainly can’t go wrong with this PS4 travel case.

10. Dualshock 4 USB Wireless Adapter

Best PS4 Accessories

Your DualShock 4 isn’t just for your PlayStation 4, it can also be used on your PC. However, doing so without any prior experience, even with a guide, can be a tad too tricky, or at least, a bigger hassle than most people could spare.

With the official wireless adapter from Sony, you can easily connect your DualShock 4 to your PC. You only need to plug it in, connect the controller, and voila, you’re now able to play games on the PC using your PS4 controller.

Click here for our guide on how to use the DualShock 4 on the PC.

Final Thoughts

While our list of the best PS4 accessories on the market are not definitive by any means, the items here are a good start.

If you’re looking to buy a gift for your gamer loved one or relative, or even for yourself, then you only need pick at least one from our list and you’ll surely walk away satisfied with your decision.

What do you think are the best PS4 accessories in the market today? Which accessories do you think we missed in our list? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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