Terms & Conditions

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on all products, beginning on the day you receive your order. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your order, get in touch within fourteen days for a no-quibble return.

All controllers and accessories include a 3-month warranty as standard.

Please see below for additional warranty information.

If we receive the controller back, and it is not in the same condition as sent out, no exchange will be offered and there may be an additional charge if the item cannot be repaired.

All purchases can be tracked online using our “track order” service, where you can receive updates on the progress of your item. All controllers are made to order within a fourteen-day service. Modified controllers take slightly longer.

The warranty does not include accidental damage. If you have purchased a controller and the analogue stick has malfunctioned due to excessive wear or an accidental drop, this would not be covered under warranty. You can contact us for a quote on repair. Our prices are very reasonable.

In the unlikely event that the controller arrives and it does not match your order, get in touch and we can rectify the problem.
We store the contract’s content and will send you the details of your order as well as our general terms via e-mail. You can find the terms here at all times. The details about your recent orders can be found in your customer login.

Be aware that Chrome shells, buttons, and parts are prone to scratches and paintwork-related issues. Please be aware that chrome shells, parts, and buttons are more prone to scratches and potential paintwork-related issues if not correctly taken care of.   Please ensure the following precautions are kept to which can help preserve the controller:

Keep away from heat i.e. radiator, direct sunlight.
Keep dry. Clean off moisture after every gaming session
Keep the controller away from hard surfaces or anywhere where the paintwork can be starched or marked.

Warranty Period

A 3-month (90 days) period following the date you received the order.
You can extend this to 1 year (365 days) for an additional fee.

What Does the Warranty Cover?

Your purchase includes a Warranty to ensure that the controller or accessory is free of malfunction or failure.

At our expense, we will either fix or replace the item in accordance with the terms of the warranty.

Cosmetic damage is not covered by a warranty.
I.E Scratches. Dents. Marks. Scrapes. Any other non-electrical related problem

During the warranty period, the controller and any accessory may only experience normal fair usage. Warranty will be void if we deem damage has been caused by excessive usage and not normal wear and tear.

Warranty Process

Contact us
We can usually suggest a few tips which can help get your controller working again. Sometimes there can be issues which are easily fixed with simple suggestions from our support staff.

Use Your Warranty
If we cannot suggest a fix or troubleshoot the problem with you through email or other chat, we can arrange to fix the controller under warranty. You are responsible for any shipping fees related to getting the controller back to us.

Your controller will be thoroughly inspected to examine the cause of the issue and thus determine the illegibility of a warranty-covered repair.

We will fix or Replace the Controller
We will fix or replace your controller under warranty providing it falls under the above terms. Returns are handled in a priority status so we shouldn’t have them for too long. If the controller is returned outside of the time frame covered by the warranty then there will be a charge to repair or replace the item. Once your controller has been shipped to us, we will return it at our own expense back to the original shipping address, unless otherwise instructed by you.

Warranty Timeframe
We can usually repair or replace the item within 5 business days. We usually keep in contact within this time to update you of progress.

Full Refund
If you are due a full refund, then we usually process it on our end within 5 business days.

Expired Warranty
If the controller or accessory purchased from The Controller People is no longer covered under warranty, you will be responsible for one hundred percent (100%) of the cost related to fixes or replacements by us.

After carrying out a full examination we will quote you for a repair. We do not carry out any work before payment has been made. You have the choice to proceed with the repair or have the controller sent back to you.

Additional Information Regarding Warranty

Tampering with or opening the controller or accessory will void the warranty.
Commercial use of the Controller or Accessory, unless authorized by us.
Faults caused by moisture or fluids will void the warranty.
Attaching a controller to an excessive voltage means will void the warranty.
Repairs or modifications to the controller carried out by unauthorised individuals will void the warranty.
Excessive or unreasonable amounts of gameplay will result in the voiding of the warranty.