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Use the UKs most comprehensive builder to customise and modify your custom ps4 controller. With exclusive features and an extensive library of designs, you know you will be getting something truly unique and fantastic. We deal exclusively with PS4 controllers so feel confident that you will be getting the best quality products at the best possible prices.

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Unique Features

We are just a group of guys who are friendly, positive and most importantly, passionate about gaming. Together, we run a smooth, tight-nit operation working from a studio in London, UK.

We handle all services from the studio which helps us to provide an efficient and personable service. Customer care is handled by Tom (most of the time) and you can say hello at any time using twitter, live chat or our contact form.

Not solely for aesthetics, DexiDisk offers a large flat surface to easily navigate the D-pad making it more comfortable to press while looking great. Available in 2 style and many colours.

Interchangeable Analog System. Easily change the height of your thumb sticks at any time. Additional analog height offers more control. Comes with 3 different analog heights.

Trigger Stops are used to reduce the amount of distance the L2 and R2 triggers move allowing you to interact with them quicker. The stops can be set to 2 different heights and can be set flush too! SST’s are a TCP exclusive feature which we have designed ourselves.

ClickSticks are a trademarked design. Adding buttons to the back of your controller is an imperative feature. Permanently keep your thumbs on the analogs while still being able to press buttons.

The caps offer additional comfort and can be un-clipped when not needed. These also offer a larger surface area to rest your fingers on. Availble in different colours.

Frequently Asked Questions

ClickSticks are our unique paddle system for your PS4 controller. They allow you to have access to buttons at the back of your controller. This is important as it allows you to press these buttons whilst maintaining full controller over the analogs with your thumbs.

If you didnt have these back buttons then you’d have to let go of the analog with your thumb to press the buttons. During this moment, you have no control over your analog.

Add ClickSticks and have a controller which will dramatically raise your gaming standards. A controller without back buttons will put you at a major disadvantage when playing against others online. ClickSticks are perfectly placed and do not intrude on the design of the PS4 controller.

In short, yes!

“Setting a new standard in comfort, design and ergonomics”

ClickSicks have been ergonomically designed from the ground up. We havent been influenced by other designs around the web and have stuck to designing a fresh, innovative way of interacting with your controller.

Firstly, the placement of the ClickSticks was important to get right. We positioned them directly in line with where where your fingers would naturally sit. You can see this which the common wear of the back sticker of your own controller. If it looks something like the back picture then ClickSticks will definitely be for you.

Secondly, ClickSticks are activated by clicking in a downwards motion which which allows for a completely organic interaction. This is the natural motion for your fingers.

Comfort Of ClickSticks

Some of our competitors use paddles which we find to be quite an awkward and counter-intuitive way of interacting with your controller.

If you have bought remappable ClickSticks then remapping is very easy. Just hold down the desired button along with the ClickStick for roughly 10 – 12 seconds. As long as you hold both, together for the time period then you should see a little flash in the lightbar to indicate the change.

So for example, to change the ClickStick to TRIANGLE:

  1. Hold down TRIANGLE
  2. Hold down ClickStick.
  3. Hold both, together for 12 seconds.
  4. Lightbar will flash.
  5. ClickStick will now be TRIANGLE.

We are fully committed to providing a service all of our customers will be happy with. In unlikely event that you dont like your controller, we offer a 14 day, no-quibble returns policy. Dont like it? Send it back to us.

Seriously though… you will be pleasantly surprised with our controllers and features. We get a lot of hesitant and apprehensive customers who cant decide on ClickSticks and they always come back with positive feedback!

Any controller which is ordered with ClickSticks, SSTs or IAS will come in our branded TCP box. The box is made from recycled materials and is the perfect finishing touch to your order.

Orders without ClickSticks will come in the standard Sony packaging.

We can get most orders built using the V2 controller but there are some limitations. currently, coloured touchpads and some back shells are not compatible. Chrome triggers can also be a problem however gold and silver may be available.

If you are looking at getting a custom V2 PS4 controller built, we would recommend getting in touch so we can advise.