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How To Use The PS4 Controller On iPhone

ps4 controller on iphone

When you hear the word iPhone, you just know it already. It’s like, it’s become part of the subconscious. Just a mention of that word and you already Apple and Steve Jobs. It may not have the customization of Android but it can sync well with its system and it gives the convenience of not having to think too much.

It’s also got its fair share of games too but a lot of them don’t feel so right without a controller. After all, can you ace it well on games like Asphalt 9 and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic with touchscreen controls? Exactly. So if you happen to have a PS4 controller lying around, then you can make the connection happen and play your iPhone games the way they are meant to be played. Curious to know how? Keep on reading and find out!

What You’ll Need

  1. DualShock 4 Controller
  2. iPhone (installed with iOS 13)

It might have you wonder why you need an iPhone with iOS 13. This is because iOS 13 added the support for the controller so if your iPhone is below that iOS and you can’t upgrade it anymore, then you’re out of luck.

The Bluetooth Option

There’s no need to worry too much when making the connection because there’s only one way to do this: connecting via Bluetooth. Similar to one of the options you can connect on a Mac, you won’t need a cable for this one. Plus, the steps to do aren’t so complex. Here’s how to get this working so here are the ways to do it:

  1. Turn your iPhone on
  2. Open Settings
  3. Search for your Bluetooth Settings
  4. Press the PS and Share buttons on your PS4 controller at the same time
  5. Wait until the light bar flashes white
  6. Look for your controller under the Other Devices in Bluetooth Settings
  7. Pick it to pair it with your iPhone

Done! You now have the PS4 controller paired with your iPhone installed with iOS 13. Now you can play those 3rd-person adventure gamed with gusto!

Things To Remember

Before you get all excited about this, you have to remember a few things…

1. The unique features that give the PS4 controller function won’t work
2. Touchpad won’t work
3. You can still remote play to your PS4 if you’re eager

It’s not known if the other functions that the controller has will work for future updates so for the time being, just know you can have controller prowess with your iPhone games without issues anymore.

Final Thoughts

Whether you like it or not, the iPhone is here to stay and it’s got some good games for you to try out when you’re in the mood for a break. But of course, some games will have you use the touchscreen control and it’s a pain to have them when they’re not as good as a controller. That’s why with the PS4 controller, you can just pair to your phone and presto! You now have a controller to use for better gaming time.

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