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How To Use The PS4 Controller On Android

dualshock 4 on android

Ahhh, Android: The OS that’s installed on many mobile devices not bearing the Apple icon. From tablets to phones, Android has made its presence known through customization and flexibility. Though they’re not as unified as the iOS system, Android can still up the ante with the many updates that come to the devices with pride.

It’s even made the rounds of the gaming world where you can play games such as GTA: San Andreas and Call of Duty: Mobile on the go. You can even have a crack at the classic FPS Half-Life on your Android device. Yep! But then, you’d have to use the touchscreen controls which aren’t exactly preferred by gamers. So what’s the solution? Get yourself a PS4 controller! Yes, you can make a connection. Curious? Here’s how!

What You’ll Need

  1. DualShock 4 Controller
  2. Android device (tablet, phone, etc.)

Since Android is available on a lot of mobile devices, it’s your choice on which one you’d like to pick. It’s best to pick the one Android device you’re likely playing more games on. Having fun on-the-go with a small device? Go for the phone. Mind having a bigger screen but still keep it mobile at the coffee shop? Get it on with the tablet.

The Bluetooth Option

If you’re thinking it’s going to be hard work getting this to work, you’re dead wrong because all you’ll need to do is connecting your controller via the Android device’s Bluetooth. So yes, you won’t need a cable for this. To get started, here are the steps:

1. Turn your Android device on
2. Make sure Bluetooth is on as well
3. Head to Settings
4. Go to Bluetooth
5. Put your device on scan mode
6. Hold the PS and Share buttons on your PS4 controller at the same time
7. Wait until the light bar flashes white
8. Look for Wireless Controller and select it to pair your controller and device

And there you have it! You now have the PS4 controller paired with your Android device. Neat huh?

Things To Remember

Now it’s all good to have a PS4 controller connected to your Android device, but take note of these things…

  1. The unique features that give the PS4 controller function won’t work
  2. Touchpad won’t work
  3. Some controls will be awkwardly assigned to some buttons you normally don’t use for gameplay
  4. Some games don’t function too well with the PS4 controller

If you’re clever and skillful, you can try some apps that will help you get things all worked out for you but it can take some time to get it right so be wary of what you’re getting yourself into.

Final Thoughts

In a lot of ways, Android knows no boundaries. It started out as just being an OS for the smartphone and now it’s reaching different mobile devices. It’s also making the rounds with video games because what many thought couldn’t be done has been done. After all, Fortnite can be played right on-the-go! But of course, proper controller function is key to making it well and that’s why with your PS4 controller, you can make the connection and have a great playtime!

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