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What FPS Gamers Should Look For in a Modded PS4 Controller


As FPS titles such as Call of Duty and Battlefield became mainstays of the esports scene, the need to use a modded PS4 controller also grew. The conventional PS4 controller is no longer enough these days. Though they work just fine for your everyday casual games, FPS titles are a different story. No longer can you get away with the conventional 2 fingers and 2 thumbs method of playing these days.

To keep up with the competition today and to have any chance of dominating, as well as climbing up the leaderboards, you’ll need a modded PS4 controller that gives you access to a wide array of additional must-have features. This includes, among others, a means of improving your reaction time, either via hair triggers or stops, or via an additional ergonomic back paddle control system.

Remappable Extra Buttons

In general, shooters these days tend to be very mobile, perhaps much more so than ever before. Even if the big dogs, Call of Duty and Battlefield, have gone back to WW2 to slow the game down quite a bit, shooters such as Overwatch, Paladins, Fortnite and the upcoming PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS on the Playstation 4, are very frenetic and chaotic, all the while requiring precise control of movements.

This is why you’ll need a reliable modded PS4 controller that has remappable extra buttons, usually coming in the form of paddles, that you can reliable use for hours on end.

Traditionally, these extra buttons are mapped to X and O buttons. This configuration allows for maximum freedom of movement, allowing you to run and jump around as you please, all the while aiming and firing your weapon as accurately as possible. Using this type of configuration on your modded PS4 controller can do wonders for your game.

Of course, you’re free to configure the paddle as you please. If, for some reason, the traditional setup isn’t working out well for you, you can try switching things up. For example, some prefer to map one of their extra buttons to Square instead of X or O. This allows for a much faster reload time, which could mean the difference between life and death more often than not.

The choice on how you want your modded PS4 controller to play is completely up to you.

If you are unsure of the configuration, or want to have the option of experimenting down the line, you will want to make sure that the extra buttons are remappable. This is an extra feature that’s often available for an added cost.

Modded PS4 Controller

Trigger Stop Mechanisms

Every bullet counts in FPS games. Not just because a missed shot is a waste, but also because each shot you fire gives off your position to the enemy. Though trigger stop mechanisms don’t necessarily help with your aim, they can help make sure that you don’t end up taking more shots than you should. This type of added feature allows you to control the rate of fire by letting you set the of the trigger button. Make the depression shorter and the less time it takes for the button to come back up, allowing you to fire faster than before. But, this isn’t always beneficial.

The height of the trigger depends on a lot of things: your playstyle, personal preference and what kind of weapon you’re currently holding.

Given the massive arsenal of weapons available in today’s FPS titles, having a modded PS4 controller with some form of trigger stop mechanism helps a great deal in making sure that your aim is steady and true.

Adjustable Thumbsticks

No two hands are created the same. Every player, amateur or professional, have a different idea of what they feel is the perfect controller for them. This is especially true when it comes to the height of the thumbsticks.

This is where something like the Interchangeable Analog System of TCP comes in handy.

The added feature allows players to change the height of the individual thumbsticks for added comfort and control. You can set it to standard, medium, or high, depending on your preference. Some controllers even offer the option of having different thumbstick shapes. Either way, the key takeaway is how much more control you’ll end up getting now that you can set your thumbsticks to be just as big as you need them to be.

Because today’s thumbsticks are busier than ever, giving your thumbs a chance to feel a wee bit more comfortable despite long hours of gaming gives you a chance to keep on fragging happily for hours on end.

Better Grip

The original PS4 controller is good and comfortable enough as it is. It’s arguably more comfortable than the Xbox One’s controller, especially for those with smaller hands.  However, a modded PS4 controller with added texture for better grip is pure heaven.

You’ve probably noticed your DS4 being very slippery after extended play sessions. This can be very distracting, but the addition of an improved grip system can prevent this from happening. The level of control and comfort you can get simply just by having better grip of your controller cannot be overstated. Now, because you no longer have to worry about your DS4 slipping due to sweat, you can navigate your way through the battlefields with much more ease.

D-Pad Discs

The name depends on the manufacturer. SCUF calls theirs as the Control Disc, while TCP refers to them as the DexiDisk. Regardless of the name, these are discs used to cover the DualShock 4’s direction pad, which can be of great help in FPS titles.

You see, between changing inventories and toggling firing modes, the typical D-pad just can’t handle it fast enough. Not when you’re up against high-level opponents where a fraction of a second of delay could mean life or death. But, with these discs, you don’t need to worry about changing and toggling fast enough; it just becomes so much easier.

With the sluggish D-pad out of the way, these discs allow you to focus solely on keeping your eyes down on your iron sights and locked on to your opponents.

Modded PS4 Controller


While the typical PS4 controller is good enough for the casual gamer, it falls short when you’re trying to access multiple commands simultaneously. Often, the standard layout forces you to use the unhealthy claw-grip, which can jeopardize your health down the line. However, the use of a modded PS4 controller changes that, as they allow you to access more functions than ever before.

The modded PS4 controller sold by TheControllerPeople can provide all of the features stated above — and more!

For example, the TCP Champion, a tournament-ready PS4 controller from TheControllerPeople, comes with improved triggers, better discs, a removable and reusable DexiDisk and adjustable thumbsticks via the Interchangeable Analog System, among others.

What modded PS4 controller have you tried using before? Do you think the added features are worth the extra cost? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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