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How PlayStation Controllers Have Evolved Over The Years – From PS1 to PS5


It’s hard to believe that the original PlayStation console was released over two decades ago. Since then, Sony has released several iterations of the PlayStation console, each with its unique features and controllers. This blog post will look at how PlayStation controllers have evolved over the years. From the original controller to the DualSense 5, we’ll see how Sony has changed and improved its design. And at the end of this article, we’ll also talk about the new controller Sony is about to release: the Dualsense Edge.

The original PlayStation controller

The original PlayStation controller (1994)

The original PlayStation controller was released in 1994 alongside the console. It featured a basic design with four face buttons, two shoulder buttons, and a directional pad. The controller was comfortable to hold and worked well for most games. However, it was not without its flaws. The most significant criticism was the lack of analogue sticks, which made it difficult to play some games.

The first PlayStation controller was a decent effort by Sony, but it was clear they needed to make some improvements for the next generation.

the dual analogue playstation controller

The Dual Analog Controller (1997)

The Dual Analog Controller (SCPH-1150 in Japan, SCPH-1180 in the United States, and SCPH1180e in Europe) was released in 1997 and was the first PlayStation controller to feature analogue sticks. This was a huge improvement over the original controller and made it much easier to play 3D games. The Dual Analog Controller also featured two additional shoulder buttons, which were located above the original ones. These buttons were positioned so that your index fingers could easily reach them.

The Dual Analog Controller was a big step forward for the PlayStation console and its controllers. However, there were still some issues that needed to be addressed. For example, the controller was not very comfortable to hold for long periods. Additionally, the analog sticks were not as precise as they should have been.

DualShock Controller 1

The DualShock controller (1997)

The DualShock Analog Controller (SCPH-1200) was released in 1997 for the PlayStation 1. It was an updated version of the original controller with some important new features. The most notable addition was the inclusion of two analogue sticks. This allowed for much greater control and accuracy in games. The DualShock also featured vibration feedback, which added a new level of immersion to games. Thanks to its unique ergonomic design, the controller was also significantly more comfortable to hold.

The DualShock Analog Controller is widely considered to be the best PlayStation controller ever made. It addressed all of the issues in the previous controllers and set the standard for future PlayStation controllers.

PS2 Dualshock2 Controller

The DualShock 2 controller (2000)

The DualShock 2 controller (SCPH-10010) was released in 2000 for the PlayStation 2. It featured the same basic design as the original DualShock, with minor improvements. The most notable change was the pressure-sensitive buttons, allowing more precise input.

The standard colour of the DualShock 2 was black. Still, some limited edition colours were released, such as satin silver, ceramic white, slate grey, clear, ocean blue, emerald green, crimson red, lemon yellow, and candy pink.

Sixaxis controller

The Sixaxis Controller (2006)

The Sixaxis Wireless Controller was released in 2006 alongside the PlayStation 3. It was the first PlayStation controller to use Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. The most significant change from previous controllers was the lack of vibration feedback.

“Sixaxis” refers to the controller’s six-axis motion sensing technology. This allowed for more immersive gameplay as players could now control games with their body movements. In addition, the Sixaxis was the first PlayStation controller to feature a built-in rechargeable battery.

DualShock3 controller

The DualShock 3 controller (2007)

The DualShock 3 Wireless Controller (SCPH-98050/CECHZC2) was released in 2007 for the PlayStation 3. It was similar to the Sixaxis , butbut featured vibration feedback and a slightly different button layout.

The DualShock 3 was also available in various colors and special editions, such as the baseball limited edition to coincide with the release of MLB 11: The Show.

dualshock 4 png

The DualShock 4 controller (2013)

The DualShock 4 Wireless Controller (CUH-ZCT1) was released in 2013 for the PlayStation 4. It featured a completely new design with a more ergonomic shape. The most significant change was the addition of a touchpad, which allowed for new gameplay experiences. The DualShock 4 also featured a built-in speaker and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The DualShock 4 also featured a light bar on the back of the controller, which allowed the PlayStation Camera to track the player’s movements. The light bar could also change colour to indicate different in-game events, such as low health status.

DualSense controller

The DualSense Controller (2020)

The DualSense Controller (CFI-ZCT1W) is the newest PlayStation controller, released in 2020 alongside the PlayStation 5. It features a unique design with a more ergonomic shape and improved triggers. The biggest change is the addition of adaptive triggers, which add a new level of immersion to games. The DualSense also features haptic feedback and a built-in microphone.

The DualSense Controller is available in various colors, including black, white, blue, purple and red.

DualSense Edge Controller

DualSense Edge

Sony is about to release a new controller, the Dualsense Edge. This controller is built with high performance and personalization in mind. It has mappable buttons, tunable triggers and sticks, changeable stick caps, back buttons, and more. Unfortunately, Sony still didn’t reveal this product’s price and release date. However, the announcement post on the official PlayStation blog says more information will be released in the months ahead. So with that in mind, we can speculate that the DualSense Edge will be available only in 2023.

If 2023 sounds like a long time from now, and you want to experience all the main features that the new PS5 DualSense Edge Controller offers, there’s another way.

tcp ultimate front and back black

The TCP Ultimate Controller

Tired of waiting for the newest PlayStation controller? The TCP Ultimate Controller has all the features of the DualSense Edge and more.

The Controller People (TCP) proudly presents the latest gaming technology – the TCP controller for PlayStation 5. This new controller has been designed with the competitive gamer in mind and features extra buttons, a precision thumbstick, digital triggers and many other enhancements. The result is a controller that will give you an unfair advantage over your opponents. So claim your victory today with TCP!



The ClickSticks allows players to significantly increase reaction time and efficiency. The ClickSticks are the secret to your victory!


The Interchangeable Analogue System (IAS) enables you to change the thumbsticks to suit your playing style.

Digital Triggers

The digital triggers give you a more responsive and precise gaming experience.

High-Grade Grip

The high-grade grip ensures that your controller will never slip out of your hands in the heat of battle.

Removed Vibration

The vibration motors have been removed to make the controller lighter and more comfortable for extended playing sessions.

Removed Adaptative Triggers

Without the Adaptative Triggers, the controller is lighter and faster.

Individual D-Pad

The D-Pad has been divided into four separate buttons to give you greater control.

Domed Thumbsticks

Remember the PS3? The TCP controller has brought back the domed thumbsticks for an even better gaming experience.


The DexiDisk is a small disk that fits over the D-Pad and gives you extra control and precision, especially with diagonal inputs.


The TCP controllers come in a variety of vibrant colors to suit your style.


The PlayStation controllers have come a long way since the first console was released in 1994. With each new release, Sony has tweaked and improved the design of the controller to make it more comfortable and ergonomic for gamers. The most recent version, the PS5 controller, is a significant departure from past designs with its innovative adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. The DualSense Edge, set to be released in 2023, looks to build on the success of the DualSense by adding even more customization options for competitive gamers. And for those who can’t wait that long, the TCP Ultimate Controller offers all the features of the DualSense Edge and more.

No matter which controller you choose, you’re sure to have a gaming experience unrivalled by any other console.

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    Great article! 🙂

    I remember the first time I played the PlayStation back in 1994. I feel a bit old now! Anyway, I was totally amazed by the graphics and gameplay. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. I played it for hours on end and quickly became a fan.

    I think the PlayStation is still one of the best consoles around. It has some amazing games and continues to push the boundaries of gaming. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this console. Thanks for sharing a bit of the history of video games. 🙂

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      Thank you Rafael. 1990s gaming was where it was at! Countless hours of fun.

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