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If you have bought remappable ClickSticks then remapping is very easy. Just hold down the desired button along with the ClickStick for roughly 10 – 12 seconds. As long as you hold both, together for the time period then you should see a little flash in the lightbar to indicate the change.

So for example, to change the ClickStick to TRIANGLE:

    1. Hold down TRIANGLE
    2. Hold down ClickStick.
    3. Hold both down simultaneously for 12 seconds.
    4. ClickStick will now be remapped to Triangle button

PS: You cannot have 2 of the same button remapped to the ClickSticks.

99% of the time the reason for this is that you have not properly aligned the mod kit in the controller. The best way to test the mod kit is connected properly is to test its working before closing the controller back up.

To do this, connect the mod kit in place as normal but keep the controller open. Make sure the back shell ribbon cable connected to the motherboard and connect the controller to a PC with a USB.

Then,  open up “Set up USB game controllers” utility in Windows PC:

  1. Click Start or open the Window Start Screen.
  2. In the Run or Search text field or at the Windows Start Screen, type “game controller” and click the Set up USB game controllers option.
  3. Click the name of the joystick or gamepad you want to test and click the Properties button or link.

Once the software is open you will be able to manually adjust the mod kit position while also testing all of the buttons.

When you see that all buttons work as normal, screw the motherboard back together and close the controller up. Make sure the circuit board does not move out of position when closing the controller back up.

Please see below illustration as example.

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