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ClickSticks are extra buttons which are remapped to the back of your custom PS4 controller.

The most common buttons to have installed onto ClickSticks are X and O but you may have Sqaure, Triangle, R1, L1, R2, L2 R3, L3 if you wish.

Hours of Comfort

“The Most Innovative “Paddle System” Available On The Market Today. Setting A New Standard In Comfort And Design”

ClickSticks are designed to compliment the natural positioning of your fingers. They are the easiest “paddle system” to interact with.

Pick Your Colour

ClickSticks are available in a variety of cool colours including White, Black and Grey.

The Trigger

The Trigger offers a flat, smooth surface with indents for grip.

Available in Different Styles

ClickSticks come in two different styles. Triggers offer a flat surface and the Stud style Click Stick allows your finger to curve around it. ClickSticks offer an unrivaled amount of customization options.

The Stud

The Stud offers a smooth, curved surface allowing your finger to comfortably sit around it.

Still Not Convinced They’re For You?

You probably have the proof right in front of you!

Look at the sticker on the back of your PS4 controller and see if it looks anything like these user’s on Reddit. It is not uncommon to find that the friction of your fingers constantly rubbing this area rubs away the sticker. This natural position for your fingers is at the exact same point as where we have put our Click Sticks.

sticker wear on ps4 controller
sticker wear on ps4 controller

Patents Pending

ClickSticks offer colour customistation. They are available in different styles. They are a completely innovative system which is not found anywhere else. These are the reasons why you’ll love them and the reasons we are protecting them.