Professional PS4 controllers are en vogue these days.

As more and more FPS titles are released and become mainstream, with other titles in other genres starting to take advantage of the added features of tournament-grade PS4 controllers, more and more players are starting to realize the benefits of using professional PS4 controllers.

Our line of professional PS4 controllers are just among the many that’s available on the market.

With a plethora of choices available to you, it can be hard to choose the right one.

That’s why we decided to take the time to list down a number of reasons what makes our tournament-ready professional PS4 controllers different, and in many cases, better than the competition.

What’s the Difference?

In an earlier article, we talked in length about what makes our tournament-ready PS4 controllers different from the typical DualShock 4.

For general use, the DualShock 4 is great. In fact, it’s one of the best controllers around. It’s equipped with just the right amount of features for most gamers. But, our professional PS4 controllers aren’t just for “most” gamers.

We cater to the elite — hardcore gamers who take gaming seriously, with some using it as their livelihood.

Our line of professional PS4 controllers, starting with the TCP Classic all the way to the TCP Ultimate II are premium controllers meant for aspiring pros and pros alike. As such, they have far more features that aren’t found on  your regular DualShock 4 controller, despite sharing the same appearance.

Features TCP Classic TCP Ambassador TCP Professional TCP Champion TCP Ultimate TCP Ultimate II
V2 Controller Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remappable ClickSticks Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Interchangeable Analog System No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spring Stop Triggers No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Splash Grip No No No Yes No Yes
Dexi Disk No No No No No Yes
GripClip No No No No Yes No
Price £69.00 £79.00 £88.00 £96.00 £110.00 £115.00


Professional PS4 Controllers

What Do All of These Features Mean?

Does the fact that you’re asking what makes professional PS4 controllers better than the regular DualShock 4 mean that you’re not going to benefit as much from them?

Not at all!

We fitted our tournament-grade PS4 controllers we plenty of features that all players, from casual to professional, can use to improve their gameplay. Sure, some of the terms may not mean much to you at first. However, as you’ll soon learn, each term is important and can make a significant improvement in your gaming experience, as well as performance, when used.

Below is quick explanation of the features of our professional PS4 controllers and what they mean.

V2 Controller

The difference between the V1 and the V2 DualShock 4 controller isn’t really much. The one defining “improvement” is a slight aesthetic change in the form of shifting the blue light-bar. In the V1, it was found on top of the controller. In the V2 version of the DualShock 4, you’ll find it just above the touch-pad.

The way that USB connections work is also different.

Unlike in the original DS4, where you could only play games wirelessly — the controller would just charge if you tried to connect it via a USB cable — the V2 DS4 can play games both wirelessly or using a USB cable.

Everything from batteries, motion-sensors, and Bluetooth support remain the same across both.

Remappable ClickSticks

Positioned in ergonomic places on the back of the controllers, ClickSticks serve as extra buttons that can be remapped to work according to your preferences. Proper usage allows serious gamers to perform better and more consistently with less strain on their hands.

Interchangeable Analog System

Otherwise known as the IAS, the Interchangeable Analog System of our professional PS4 controllers allows users to adjust the height of their thumbsticks to better fit the situation at hand.

Coming in 3 different heights, proper use of the IAS allows for better maneuverability and accuracy.

Spring Stop Triggers

Commonly abbreviated as the SSTs, the Spring Stop Triggers act as a unique trigger stop mechanism that players can set to either 2 differing heights or removed completely.

SSTs come most handy in FPS titles. By making the depression of the triggers shorter, players can drastically reduce the travel time of pressing the trigger buttons, allowing for faster shooting speeds.

Splash Grip / Grip Clip

These features help improve the texture of the back of the controllers, providing gamers with that necessary extra grip in the most intense of firefights and preventing sweat from getting in the way of them performing when they are needed the most.


A removable and reusable circulate plate used to cover the D-pad of your controller, the DexiDisk makes movement in fast-paced games easier and smoother on the hands.

Trigger Caps

More of an added comfort than anything else, Trigger Caps can be clipped and un-clipped from your trigger buttons at any time.

Essentially, they serve as resting areas for your fingers when you’re not using them. They come in different colours and can be used to help accentuate the design of your professional PS4 controller.

Customized Design

Here at The Controller People, we don’t just sell professional PS4 controllers — we also sell YOUR professional PS4 controller.

We allow users to customize their PS4 controllers anyway they want via our Controller Builder, which means that you can choose to add only the features that you’ll think you’ll need and upload a design so that your PS4 controller is unique only to you.

Final Thoughts

For that competitive edge, our professional PS4 controllers will give you everything you need to edge out your competition without necessarily making it like you are cheating just to get ahead. Not to mention, if you plan on going pro, you can use your TCP controller in tournaments and you won’t be flagged for using something illegal.

Of course, when it comes to basic necessities, the DualShock 4 still has the casual gamer covered.

Given its price and robust feature set, the DualShock 4 is still the controller to beat — there’s a reason why it’s considered the best controller of its generation. But, if you’re looking to get that extra boost and you’re willing to pay a premium for it, our line of professional PS4 controllers are well worth the asking price.