Practice always makes perfect; the more often you play, the better you’ll eventually become. That’s basically common sense. However, to dominate FPS games with a PS4 controller, you need more than just basic practice.

If you want to die less and frag enemies more, you’ll need to establish good habits and break bad ones, while learning what and how to practice the right way.

Choosing The Right Sensitivity Will Help Dominate FPS Games

Dominate FPS Games

Learning to aim effectively starts with finding out what kind of sensitivity settings fit your playstyle best.

Lower settings make aiming and weapon handling easier. But, at the same time, it’ll also make your character turn very slowly. Meanwhile, higher sensitivity settings make your character turn much more quickly, but your aim will be much harder to control as a result. it will make it harder for you to control your aim.

It’s important to take note that those who dominate FPS games often go for high sensitivity settings.

Why so? Well, for starters, higher sensitivity settings give you faster turnaround speeds. This makes it easier to turn corners and retaliate if you find yourself flanked, which you inevitably will. It also offers smoother overall maneuverability and generally, more precise aiming and better recoil control.

Playing at high sensitivity settings will take some time getting used to, so you might want to play alone or against bots for the time being.

A good way to way practice is to try to keep your aim at a certain spot while you’re moving around and strafing. Like, say, shooting at a signage. Don’t even worry about missing, nor shooting for that matter. Your goal is simply to develop muscle memory until aiming for a particular spot at a high sensitivity, even while moving around, becomes easier for you.

Ultimately, however, the ideal sensitivity will depend on your play style.

If you’re a run and gun shooter, higher sensitivity works best for you as it allows you to strafe and jump in and out of combat much faster. But, if you’re into snipers and scout rifles, you won’t need to raise your sensitivity as high since lower sensitivity settings generally give better recoil control for such types of weapons.

Learn The Art of Pre-Aiming

Dominate FPS Games

After you’ve found the sensitivity you’re most comfortable playing with, you can work on your pre-aiming technique next.

Pre-aiming is the term used to refer to when you aim your crosshairs to where you predict your opponents will show up, and the best FPS players know and when and where to aim their crosshairs in a variety of situations.

Pre-aiming, though, takes a lot of time to learn and master. Not only is it about reflexes, but also about doing the legwork. Studying the game’s map and learning where the checkpoints and most densely populated areas are is a good start. Another good way to hone your reflexes is whenever you’re moving around, especially when turning corners, try to hold your sights to the next corner and keep it steady as you go.

By knowing where and when to point your gun even without any opponent in sight, you give yourself a better chance of doing a pre-emptive strike whenever they do appear.

So, even if your reaction time isn’t all that great yet, you can get a few shots off before they even know what hit them.

Don’t Waste Movements

Most players come in FPS games thinking that the best way to play is to keep on moving and shooting.

Sure, the spray and pray mentality will inevitably net you a kill or two, but that is no way to dominate FPS games.

To truly improve your aim, you’ll want to take your time lining up your weapon and shooting at your opponent’s face.

Your reaction time will leave a lot to be desired at first, but just keep at it, and you’ll see the results in no time.

The Hardware Advantage

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re using a wired or wireless controller. Although there may be some slight lag, it shouldn’t be noticeable or relevant at all.

What does matter, however, is the type of display you’re using and the overall comfort of your controller.

For example, Gaming on a 1ms Gaming Monitor will result in no input lag while playing. This will put you at a distinct advantage against players who’re using a regular TV. This is the reason why professional gamers insist on using 1ms displays.

Your controller too plays an important role.

While the original PS4 controller is “okay”, it lacks certain features to help you consistently dominate FPS games.

This is where the “ClickSticks” come in, which are essentially extra buttons remapped to the back of a custom PS4 controller.

Designed to complement the natural positioning of your fingers while playing, these paddle systems will allow you to remap your buttons so you can switch weapons faster and much more comfortably, allowing you to dominate FPS games even more.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Dominate FPS Games

As you practice and eventually play through a couple of games, be mindful of what you just learned.

Never forget these three key things: where you are, where your enemies are, and more importantly, where you’re pointing your gun at.

Don’t worry if you find yourself missing shots more often than not at the start. That’s normal as you move away from your previous habits and start to get used to your new settings. Eventually, with practice, you’ll have no problem squaring shots right on the center of your opponent’s faces.

Most important of all, though, is to not just settle for just one sensitivity setting. Instead, try to raise your sensitivity every ten or so games you play. Of course, don’t forget to take breaks in between to keep yourself well-rested and fresh.

Once you find the setting you’re most comfortable with, work on your aiming skills next. Don’t be afraid to try to go for the more difficult shots. Also, try to expand your repertoire by shooting with weapons that you’re not really used to using.

All things considered, being good enough to dominate FPS games all boils down to developing muscle memory via hours and hours of repetition.

That should no longer be a problem for you, though.

Now that you know how to practice the right way, you’ll be getting better results and dominating FPS games in no time.