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The Best PS5 Accessories: Must-Haves for the PS5

ps5 accessories to have

Having the best PS5 accessories can be the difference between enjoying a new next-gen console and actually getting your money’s worth.

However, you might need help knowing what kind of PS5 accessories you should buy.

Below are some of the best PS5 accessories that you can get to pair with your PlayStation 5 and make the gameplay experience so much more memorable.

DualSense Charging Station

DualSense Charging Station

This is a no-brainer.

The DualSense can indeed be charged via the USB-C charging port. However, it’s not exactly the most convenient way of charging things.

If this is your first time buying yourself a console in a couple of years and wasn’t able to experience the convenience of having a charging dock for your PlayStation 4, now’s the time to make the switch. It’ll make the charging and re-charging process more convenient. Not to mention, a charging station can help make your playing area less messy. This is because it can help you hide the charging cables so that your area is neat and clean.

Since the PlayStation 5 is a new console, don’t expect to have a wide selection of products to choose from just yet.

Naturally, this includes charging ports.

Yet, despite being the default aftermarket accessory for the DualSense, we suspect that the official DualSense Charging Station will remain one of the best PS5 accessories on the market even if and when other manufacturers come out with their own designs in a year or two.

The simplistic and straightforward design that allows you to charge up to two controllers simultaneously is hard to beat.

PS5 Media Remote Control

Media Remote

The PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and to some extent, even the PlayStation 2, worked as media centers. However, they were not exactly heavily marketed to be used for such purposes.

The PlayStation 5 is different in that Sony actually designed it to be an entertainment center and a gaming console rolled into one.

The 4K Blu-Ray disc drive, among others, make the PS5 quite the useful media center. Still, it is a gaming console, first and foremost. This means that it’ll inevitably suffer from what the PS4 and PS3 did, and that’s folks complaining that they just couldn’t get used to using controllers to navigate through their TV sets.

Sony solves that for the PS5 with its very own media remote control.

The Media Remote lets you take full advantage of the PS5’s entertainment capabilities. It lets you scroll through streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu as if you were just scrolling through your television.

By giving users the option to control the PS5 without a controller, Sony may have just effectively made the PS5 more attractive in the eyes of older buyers.

Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

Best PS5 Accessories

Sony’s official headsets for their consoles have always been solid if unspectacular.

They were good. Some were even great. However, they weren’t exactly must-buys, and you could buy something just as good if not better for a lower price.

The Pulse 3D Wireless Headsets is a rarirty in the sense that it’s actually worth buying.

What makes the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset different is that it comes with elite features. This includes 3D audio support, as well as a dual noise-canceling microphone. These two combine to create an audio experience quite unlike any other on the PlayStation 5. This makes it one of the best PS5 accessories available today.




There’s no news just yet about whether or not Sony is working on a second version of the PSVR. However, what we do know is that the original PSVR will work on the PS5. This means that it’s still worth getting yourself a complete bundle, this relatively late into the game, or so to speak.

According to Sony,  the PSVR, including the PlayStation Move controllers, will work on the PS5 on support PSVR games.

The only problem here is that you can’t exactly use the DualSense to controller the PSVR. This means that you’ll have to get yourself a DualShock 4 if you don’t have one lying around. However, if it is any consolation, you don’t need to get PS5’s new HD camera, because the old one will work just fine, with a free adapter provided by Sony so that it will work on their next-gen console.

Admittedly, there hasn’t been any reports of massive improvements in performance when playing supported VR titles on the PS5 compared to the PS4 Pro.

This is a shame since the difference in performance between the PS4 and the PS4 Pro was noticeable.

With that said, performance updates and patches will be coming in the next couple of months. Expect Sony to address this, and make VR gaming on the PS5 a much better experience, especially with information on a next-gen PSVR still unavailable.


Best PS5 Accessories

One of the best PS5 accessories you can get is to get yourself a new DualSense controller.

The DualSense might just be Sony’s best PlayStation controller yet. It addresses the smaller size issues that plagued the DualShock 4 and made it more in line with the sizing of the DualShock 3. It’s also a tad more ergonomic and feels just better to hold on your hands. Also, Sony equipped the DualSense with new technology. This includes adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, both of which are aimed towards making the gameplay experience the PS5 that much more immersive.

Similar to the DualSense Charging Station, gamers really don’t have any choice but go and buy a DualSense if they want or need an extra pair of PS5 controllers.

Even so, the DualSense could end up still being one of the best PS5 accessories after aftermarket alternatives come out.

The more comfortable layout and extra features make the gameplay experience that it can provide hard to replicate if that even is possible.

What PS5 Accessories Will You Be Getting?

We have to admit. It’s not hard to choose the best PS5 accessories right now. There are only few of them, and most are from Sony. However, just because Sony made them doesn’t mean that we’re forced to recommend them.

Keep in mind that Sony has a solid track record when it comes to first-party accessories, so you’re not exactly paying a premium for the brand alone here.

A good example of this is the DualSense.

So far, the DualSense is the only controller on the market that can take advantage of the newer features that the PS5 supports, which are adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

Of course, if you’re okay with using older PS4 controllers, they’re good too.

Just keep in mind that the older PS4 controllers will only work with the PS5 via backward-compatible PS4 titles. This includes the TCP Ultimate II. However, this also means that you won’t be able to use the older DualShock 4 and other PS4 controllers to play next-gen launch titles like Demon’s Souls and other exclusives.

Are There PS5 Aftermarket Storage Options Available?

PS5’s storage space, or lack thereof, was one of the most highly contested topics prior to launch.

The PS5 only has 825GB of storage space. It gives up nearly 200GB in storage space to its closest competition. The Xbox Series X has a 1TB SSD storage. It didn’t help that players later confirmed that they could only use 667.2GB of the 825GB storage space at launch.

This isn’t really that much considering the size of today’s games.

With that said, this is a problem that could be remedied by having an aftermarket storage solution installed.

Theoretically, you could get either an external HDD or SSD, or install another one. The PlayStation 5 is designed to support it as it actually has an extra M.2 SSD slot. This means that you won’t actually have to replace the default SSD.

Unfortunately, there’s a problem.

Back in March, PS5 Architect, Mark Cerny, clarified that gamers shouldn’t go out and buy an extra M.2 drive just yet. He warned gamers to “hold off on getting that M.2 drive until you hear from us” in a GDC talk, claiming that an SSD would have to be PS5-compatible first. It’ll also have to work with Sony’s I/O controller. In addition to this, it will need to be able to deliver 5.5GB/sec of bandwidth over PCIe Gen 4 with physical size limitations.

Now that the PS5 has launched in some areas, Sony has yet to confirm which M.2 drives are compatible with the PS5.

Are External HDD/SSDs Supported?

Yes, but there’s a catch.

Naturally, the PlayStation 5 should support external HDDs and SSDs since all you have to do is to plug them in. This means that, if you had an external HDD or SSD on hand already for your PlayStation 4, you’re free to use that on your PlayStation 5.

The only problem here is that the PlayStation 5 will only support playing and transferring PS4 titles to an external storage solution.

This means that, if you’re playing a PlayStation 5 title and have already filled the meager storage space of the PlayStation 5, you can’t exactly store your games on an external HDD or SSD. You’ll have to delete them if you want to make space for a new game or an update. This is even if you splurge on a speedy external drive solution.

If it’s any consolation, Sony is currently exploring ways to solve this storage problem.

TLDR; keep any PS5 games you want to play or install on your PS5 and move any PS4 titles to your external drive for now to save space.


Now that the PlayStation 5 is here or only a few days or weeks away, it’s time to get the best PS5 accessories.

The best PS5 accessories will enhance how you play and enjoy your games. You’ll feel more immersed in the game that you’re playing and truly feel like you have a next-gen console.

With that said, we made sure to round up the best PS5 accessories for a wide range of people.

From those who want to take advantage of the PlayStation 5’s superior audio quality to those who want to play VR on their PS5, we’ve picked out the best PS5 accessories to make your search easier.

What do you think are the best PS5 accessories on the market today? Do you agree that the selection for PS5 accessories right now is rather slim? What kind of PS5 accessories do you wish will become available soon? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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