How Pro Gamers Can Benefit From Using a Custom PS4 Controller

The use of a custom PS4 controller in competitive video games is a relatively new thing. Most pros haven't even bought into the hype yet. And, for good reason, they technically do not offer a significant advantage. After all, [...]

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PlayStation 5 Rumors: Everything We Know About Sony’s Next Flagship Console

With Sony having already announced that the end of the PlayStation 4 is coming sooner than later, it's time for the general public to start entertaining and digging everything they can about PlayStation 5 rumours. Although, it's not as [...]

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PUBG vs Fortnite: Why Epic Games’ Battle Royale Is Winning

Unless you've been living in a rock these past few months, you'd know all about the PUBG vs Fortnite debate. You would probably also know thatĀ Epic's take on the Battle Royale genre is currently winning, at least, that's what [...]

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