PS4 ClickStick Mod Kit


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Our controllers have been described as the most ergonomic custom PS4 controller out there. See for yourself with this DIY kit.


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  • Check carefully. Mod kits are all different so make sure you pick the one which will fit your controller.

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Product Description

If you are not good with small, fiddly parts then we do not recommend buying the mod kit. Please inspect the tutorial videos carefully before making your decision.

Please choose the correct mod kit for your controllers. There are different version PS4 controllers and all mod kits are different. Pick carefully and ask anything you are not sure of before purchase.

Simply insert the mod kit into your own ps4 controller and your good-to-go. Buttons will have been configured by us using your specifications above. The MOD kit will be sent to you pre-soldered so all you have to do is place it into your controller. The most complicated thing you will have to do is drill 2 holes into your controller shell.

NO Gluing. NO soldering. NO Wiring.



Tools You Will Need:
Drill with 5 or 5.5mm drill bit (to drill the holes for the ClickSticks)
PH00 Screwdriver (to unscrew the controller)
Scalpel (to clean any rough edges from drilling. also good to adjust hole size after drilling)
Hex key 0.9mm (to tighten ClickSticks)

Step 1
Buy the correct version mod kit. Check the generation of your controller carefully before buying mod kit.

Step 2
Construct the mod kit. We do all the hard part so this is easy.

Step 3
Dismantle your controller and drill the back shell with 2 holes for ClickSticks.

ClickStick alignment picture

It would also help cutting away the following part of the rear shell to help with fitting the mod kit nicely:

Step 4
Install the mod kit into the controller. Use the tutorial videos as a guide.

Step 5
Screw your controller back together. (If the holes need adjusting, its best to use a scalpel once the controller is closed.) All done.

Additional Information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 11 × 12 × 2.2 cm

Which Type Mod kit do i need?

Take off the back shell from your controller and compare your motherboard with the following circuit boards. This is the most accurate way of identifying your generation controller.

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

Type 4

Type 5

If you are still struggling with identifying your controller then please get in touch and we can help. We are available on Facebook or Email. We will need a picture of your motherboard inside the controller.

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Tutorial Videos

These Videos Are Intended ONLY AS A GUIDE

If you do not think you will be comfortable installing the kit then please look at our
Tournament Ready Controllers



Which Generation Controller Do I Have?

Please check the sticker which is at the back of your controller. There should be a serial number on the left side which will correspond with the above list, under “Which Generation Controller Do I Have?”.

If your Sticker has worn and the serial number is not clear then the best thing to do would be to open your controller and check the circuit board inside. Compare the circuit board inside with the pictures above. This will ensure you have the correct version.

What buttons will the ClickSticks be mapped to?

There is no default configuration for the MOD kits.

You can pick any two buttons from the following choices:

R1 R2 L1 L2

L3 and R3 cannot be mapped to unless you solder the points pins yourself which are on the controller. We can advise if needed.

You can also have remappable ClickSticks which allow you to change the button layout of your ClickSticks at any time. Remappable Clicksticks can only be remapped to the following buttons: TRIANGLE, X, SQUARE, O,

How do i remap my ClickSticks?

If you have bought remappable ClickSticks then remapping is very easy. Just hold down the desired button along with the ClickStick for roughly 10 – 12 seconds. As long as you hold both, together for the time period then you should see a little flash in the lightbar to indicate the change.

So for example, to change the ClickStick to TRIANGLE:

  1. Hold down TRIANGLE
  2. Hold down ClickStick.
  3. Hold both down simultaneously for 12 seconds.
  4. ClickStick will now be remapped to Triangle button
  5. PS: You cannot have 2 of the same button remapped to the ClickSticks.

What does the MOD Kit contain?

All MOD kits come with either Stud or Trigger ClickSticks. The ClickSticks are custom built to your own individual specification using the options above. We also include stickers for the back of your controller.

Which tools will i need?

Philips Screwdriver: PH00
Drill with 5mm drill piece

Prying Tool: handy to open the controller.

Are the kits hard to install?

The MOD kits are generally pretty easy to install. The kits are designed to clip straight into the controller without the need for any gluing or soldering.

The only manual work needed is to drill the holes onto your back shell. This is where the sticks will protrude for you to add on the ClickSticks. We recommend using a 5mm drill piece with the below measurements acting as a guide:

PS4 controller hole positioning

If you are not good with small, fiddly parts then we wouldn’t recommend buying the mod kit. Please inspect the tutorial videos carefully before making your decision.

34 reviews for PS4 ClickStick Mod Kit

  1. Andrea

    Guys, this kit is amazing, super happy with my order, and with the support too, I had a small issue and they replied to me fast! Trusted

    Ragazzi, è un kit favoloso, sono davvero disponibili, e rispondo subito! Ho avuto un piccolo problema con l’ordine e subito sono stati pronti a rispondere e mi hanno risolto il problema! Consigliato A++++

    • admin

      Thank you for the review Andrea. All the best. 🙂

  2. admin


    Thank you for the feedback.

    Sorry to hear you have had a little trouble installing the kit. We do try to help customers if they encounter any small issues along the way.

    Im not sure of some of the issues mentioned above but im glad you got there in the end. Im not sure why the version 3 mod kit didnt fit into your controller. It does not require any amending. The case should sit perfectly in place with a gentle squeeze and the battery should also fit nicely (its a bit tight but definitely fits okay without the need for filing)

    The actual quality of the product should not be in question though. Its essentially just a plastic casing which holds everything together and a fully working, fully functional circuit board. The products quality is relative to the person installing the kit, so it can be done nicely or poorly depending on the individual. Our standard of building will be a lot higher than the average home installer. It comes with practice.

    The kit is also far superior to the product mentioned above as it does not interfere with the original Sony circuitry, it only works in tandem. The product above essentially turns your controller into a third party controller which adds lag-time and also removes the wireless functionality.

    Thanks again for the feedback. Please get in touch if you need to. – Tom 🙂

  3. Tim

    If I choose other when selecting button configuration, what button is it?

    • admin

      Hi Tim.

      If you would like a button mapped to the ClickSticks which isnt in the options, then please pick “other” and write your desired configuration in the order comments. If you require X, TRIANGLE, SQUARE or CIRCLE then you can choose it from the options. Please note that R3 or L3 are not available for selection on mod kits.

      Hope this helps

  4. saif shoubaki (verified owner)

    for some reason for generation 3 controller, when i am putting back on the case, is is constantly pressing the buttons down, and i cant even put back on the case because the mod is causing it not to fit.

    verry dissaponted and i want it fixed

    • admin

      Can you email in pictures. Are you sure you have ordered the correct kit? Our mods fit perfectly so i am sure there is another reason for the problem.

    • admin

      If the buttons are being pressed, it means you have not aligned our circuit board within the motherboard correctly. You just need to align is perfectly and everything should work okay (if you have the correct mod kit that is)

  5. Donato (verified owner)

    I have a problem with the shipping. I have bought the clickstick modpack Jennuary 13th and in the email is written that the shipping tought from 2 to 5 working days but I’m waiting a long time. Sorry for the noise

    • admin

      No problem about getting in touch 🙂 Can you email us your order number so i can check on the status.

  6. saif shoubaki (verified owner)

    Hi thanks for the help. i had to make the holes bigger and now it works perfectly fine and is fantastic.

    • admin

      We got there in the end. Thank you for the follow up 🙂 – Tom

  7. Mark Moody (verified owner)

    I purchased the remappable mod kit, short travel triggers and extendable thumbsticks to add to my own controller and after some tinkering with the rear shells, I have to say it works exactly as expected.

    I had a few issues that the team swiftly addressed and sorted for me.

    Great product and fantastic after service. Will be making more purchases in the future.

  8. Mark @Paragoncontrollers (verified owner)

    I purchased the remappable mod kit, short travel triggers and extendable thumbsticks to add to my own controller and after some tinkering with the rear shells, I have to say it works exactly as expected.

    I had a few issues that the team swiftly addressed and sorted for me.

    Great product and fantastic after service. Will be making more purchases in the future.

    • admin

      Thank you for the feedback Mark. Appreciate it a lot.

  9. Samuele

    Come si settano i tasti messi dietro al controller?

  10. Edward Ramos

    Curious if this mod kit is able to map L1 and R1?

    • admin

      Yes, that is a possibility. 🙂

  11. Daimon verkooijen

    I have a question about this product. So my question is do you know how long it takes to send this product to The Netherlands?

  12. James (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic, I wish I had these sooner. I made a couple mistakes that ended up being of no issue. I contacted customer support and they were very helpful. The product itself is flawless, and anyone who says otherwise installed (the simplest of installation possible mind you) incorrectly. Thanks controller people, and thanks Tom.

  13. Riku (verified owner)

    The clickstick mod kit works perfectly but the only downside is that the covers for the clicksticks are bit loose so you have to glue them together or something.

  14. admin

    Hi Alec,

    Please get in touch with us through email and we can help with this buddy. We would always advise to get in touch with us before leaving a negative review. We are a friendly team and will always try our best to help in every situation. 🙂


  15. Tarek Hussain (verified owner)

    Easily one of my best and worth investment of the year. It’s a little fiddly to apply but it’s no big deal for the price you’re paying seen as a normal scuf control is like 100+. I’m so grateful and so happy with what this company has delivered at such a low price. The product was also delivered way sooner than I expected. Thank you guys so much. 110% would recommend to whoever is considering purchasing but make sure to check the generation guide because I almost ordered a gen 4 mod kit assuming my controller was gen 4 but it was actually gen 5.

  16. Seth (verified owner)

    I only have one problem with this mod kit. It works like it’s supposed to everything fit into place and the buttons work accordingly. BUT the plastic triggers that go over the plastic piece to the mod don’t stick. They fall off and won’t stay on the controller. Other than that it works like it’s supposed to no problems there. Just the pieces won’t stay together

    • admin

      Hi Seth,

      Did you tighten the screws at the bottom of the caps?



  17. ryan.h234 (verified owner)

    Great concept, but the kit didn’t fit my controller right. I ordered type 5, and got everything lined up. I turned the controller on and the left button didn’t work(only really needed the right button anyway) and after i saw that the x button worked, i tried to put it back together, but the back piece of the controller was clicking the button when i tried to close it up. After LOTS of fidgeting and sanding away plastic i managed to get it closed up and working. 3 stars because it works for what i need it to do, but if your looking for something simple, i’d say just buy a pre-made controller.

    • admin

      Thanks for the feedback Ryan. Glad you got it working in the end. If you are having trouble getting one of the ClickSticks working, this is usually down to an alignment issue. Adjust the board in position again and everythign should work well. Also, the best way to adjust the back shell if its pressing the ClickSticks would be to scalpel the top side of the holes after closing the controller. We are always available to help if you contact us. – Alex

  18. artur.catan6 (verified owner)

    Same problem as ryan.h234, the left side button does not work but in my case this is a big problem because the x button is on this side .
    I installed the mod perfectly and reinstalled it about 8 times but it still does not work, i want to fix it but i don’t know how…

    • admin

      Hi Artur,

      Thank you for the follow up review. Glad its all working well now


  19. artur.catan6 (verified owner)

    Just got another mod kit sent to me so everything should be ok.
    Very good support, really happy about my choice.

    • admin

      Good stuff buddy. We got there in the end 🙂


  20. Dylan

    sorry this is not a review i would like to know how long will it take to get deliverd as i am living ins South Africa
    i love the product already

    • admin

      Have you placed an order with us? If so, please get in touch via email or Facebook for an update


  21. Daniel

    Hey. Great kit but can you please tell me how to solder de L3 and R3 to work with this? And are there any chance to make this a button and not a stick?

    • admin

      Hi Daniel.

      Can you get in touch via facebook and we can help with this


  22. Lars-Erik Sissener (verified owner)

    Thank you for a nice product. Works just as promised. Fantastic customer service so far!

  23. Anon

    Great worked perfectly and easy to install

  24. Emanuel

    So if I order the rememberable option how do I change the button that’s already on the click stick?? And can that button be the touchpad ?

    • admin

      With the remap option, just hold down a ClickStick for 12 seconds along with the button of your choice. You cannot remap to the touchpad unfortunately – The Team

  25. Summer

    Didn’t work but hoping to fix the issue with them

    • admin

      We are working with Summer to fix the issue. It looks as though the circuit board has been damaged due to improper installation. Expecting to get this issue resolved with the customer. 🙂

  26. Jace (verified owner)

    not worth buying. came and didnt work as expected, the sodders completely detached. reached out to them to ask if they could send me a new one since i live in the united states, and responded with a nasty email. in the end my friends dad made it work for me since he is an engineer, but it eventually stopped working in a month. If you want something that is actually worth the money for extra buttons, buy a scuf, their customer service is great.

    • admin

      We are sorry the mod kit didnt work as expected but we were very happy and willing to help. Customer did not reply to our last email. Customer correspondence for reference. customer correspondence

  27. Matias

    I have a question regarding the remap option. Is it possibile to remap to ANY button (even R1, R2, R3, L1, L2, L3 ), not just the X, O square triangle and the d-pad buttons?

    • admin


      It is not possible to remap to L1 L2 R1 R2 or touchpad.

      R3 and L3 is not remappable unless you manually solder a few extra wires to the motherboard.


  28. Mike swoosh (verified owner)

    been using click sticks almost a year now and i haven’t done posting review for you guys hehehe… i don’t really have an issue about it from the first time i installed the kit, i just watched everything in youtube to see how its done and it works perfectly fine.

    i only wish that you guys send me like another 2 extra stickers for the back of the controller (i watched videos in youtube and notice that they all have 3 pcs of stickers) because i only received 1 pc right out of the box, no back up sticker in-case i messed up drilling, good thing i had it only 1 take.

    buy guys… my sticker is starting to loose and fade ( sweaty hands).

    • admin

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the review. Please email in for a couple of new stickers.


  29. Leon Latham (verified owner)

    Wow amazing piece of kit, easy to install works perfectly, and I can still use my buttons which I re mapped which I thought wouldn’t happen, I will most definitely be spreading the word good job guys, building like a pro on Fortnite

    • admin

      Thanks Leon. Glad you like it buddy 🙂

  30. Caiden

    How do you know what controller type you have?

    • admin

      Please compare your motherboard with the pictures above or you can email in for help

      The Team

  31. Josh Iskierka (verified owner)

    Fast shipment to the US and great product. Ordering a second one for my other controller….. cant play without them!!!

  32. Frederick Stewart (verified owner)

    I recently got the remappable type 5 kit! The whole job is rather easy to do and works great! Everything fits perfect. If you’re comfortable with taking things apart this will work for you. The fact you don’t need to cut or solder any wires is a huge plus! I ran into one issue which a quick message on Facebook resolved it. I was unsure where the LED ribbon was being placed. I was contacted right away with the information I needed. If you are reading this and trying to make a decision on getting one of these kits. My suggestion is to very much do so! What a great kit! Only thing I would like to see is a tutorial video posted for those who have a type 5 controller board. Extremely happy with the purchase and will make more in the future!

    • admin

      Thanks for the kind words Frederick. Glad you got it all working. 🙂

  33. Coen

    I haven’t bought the pack yet. But, I was wondering if it was possible to map the triggers to the left and right arrow keys?

    • admin

      It is indeed. Please write this seteting in the order comments

  34. francesco

    non ho ancora comprato il kit ma si può impostare L3?

    • admin

      It can be done but you’d need to manually solder the wire yourself onto your controller. We cannot personally do it on the mod kits without access to the controller.

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Some of my buttons are not working after installing the kit

99% of the time the reason for this is that you have not properly aligned the mod kit in the controller. The best way to test the mod kit is connected properly is to test its working before closing the controller back up.

To do this, connect the mod kit in place as normal but keep the controller open. Make sure the back shell ribbon cable connected to the motherboard and connect the controller to a PC with a USB.

Then, open up “Set up USB game controllers” utility in Windows PC:

1) Click Start or open the Window Start Screen.

2 )In the Run or Search text field or at the Windows Start Screen, type “game controller” and click the Set up USB game controllers option.

3) Click the name of the joystick or gamepad you want to test and click the Properties button or link.

Once the software is on, you will be able to manually adjust the mod kit position while also testing all of the buttons.

When you see that all buttons work as normal, screw the motherboard back together and close the controller up. Make sure the circuit board does not move out of position when closing the controller back up.

Please see below illustration as example.