The super soft matte orange PS4 controller is a hot contender in the competitive world of gaming.
The combination of the super soft texture against the gorgeous orange colour, makes this controller an exciting choice for any serious gamer. Never boring, its fiery orangeyness brightens up a mundane evening.

The super soft matte orange PS4 controller has a soft textured surface designed to give a less plastic harsh feel. The technology is quite unique. You get all the usual benefits of the standard controller your probably used to, only with a soft indulgent texture. So, on contact, you get a nice warm soft feeling in the palm of your hand and none of the coldness of hard plastic.

The matte orange PS4 controller possesses a soft wicked charm designed to bring out your wild, racy, wacky, and hip side. Furthermore, all the attributes are sure to put a super charged fizz in to your game. Never again play a lack lustre game with this Super Soft Orange PS4 Controller in your life. Get in on the Super Soft PS4 action and make game freeze a thing of the past.

With this controller, a new orange is born. It is a game changer in many ways because of the innovative velvety soft surface blend that makes this device feel deliciously special. Evocative seductive…. seriously, this soft matte controller truly does feel amazing to touch. Quite therapeutic in fact and we think you’ll love it.

Moreover, the combination of black buttons and other features offers a striking contrast against the orange colour.

The next time you’re about to dive into the gaming world let this controller be your guiding light across the galaxy. Go ahead and treat yourself! Stand out from the crowd with this outrageously cool super soft matte orange PS4 controller because you’ve earned it!


Your controller will be built by a professional within the confinements of our London based studio. We do not solder or scratch any points on the original Sony circuitry when adding ClickSticks. Controllers are usually built sent out within a 1 week period but can sometimes take slightly longer when modified. We offer a rush service which guarantees a 48 hour dispatch. Controllers come with a standard 3 month warranty. Opening your controller will void the warranty as will any mistreatment of the controller. Full Terms

PS4 Controller

The DualShock 4 wireless controller features similar controls with new ways to interact with games and other players. Improved dual analogue sticks and trigger buttons bring an even greater sense of control, while the touch pad opens up more ways to play.

The LED bar makes it easy to identify players and quickly see useful game information – like when a character is low on health or has taken damage. The Share button also makes it simple your gaming heroics by streaming live gameplay to Ustream or uploading recorded videos to Facebook.

Feature Information

The Interchangeable Analog System allows you to change the height of the thumbsticks. It comes in 3 different heights – Standard, Medium, and High. A taller thumbstick allows you to maneuver the analogs with a higher degree of accuracy.

DexiDisk is a circular plate which covers the D-pad of your controller. The disk looks great and is available in different colours. It sticks on to the standard D-Pad of the controller with a special 3M sticker. It is removable and reusable.

ClickSticks are extra buttons which are placed at the back of the controller. They are extremely ergonomic offering great comfort at VERY affordable prices. ClickSticks are a fundamental feature for serious gamers.

Spring Stop Triggers are TCP’s unique trigger stop mechanism. The triggers can be set to 2 different heights or removed completely. SSTs can be used to increase shooting speeds in FPS games. A shorter depression of the triggers would mean you can pressed them a lot quicker as they take less time to come back to the standard position. They are extremely useful when using single fire weapons.

Trigger extension caps add to the comfort of using your R2 and L2 buttons. The extension caps increase the length of the triggers. They clip on to the standard triggers and can be removed if need be.

GripClips clip onto the back of the controller and offer a rubbery texture. They are a perfect addition for gamers who require extra grip in those tense moments. GripClips can also be removed at any time.

Our Super Grip Analogs are made with a softer rubber and has a textured surface to increase grip and improve your gaming experience.