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“The most important feature to bring your gaming to the next level”

ClickSticks are extra buttons that are placed at the back of the controller. ClickSticks have been described as the most comfortable and ergonomic “paddle system” out there! ClickSticks are particularly helpful in Shooter games when a split-second is a difference between life and death.

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The stopper can be set to two different heights or even removed if needed.

These stops shorten the length of distance the R2 and L2 triggers need to depress, allowing for much faster use. Spring Stop triggers are best for single fire weapons such as Pistols and Semi-Auto Rifles. Players often need to get shots off quickly and accurately. Shooting quicker means you can deal more damage in a shorter space of time. Perfect for those close-quarter combats.


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“The Interchangeable Analogue System will improve your accuracy, movement, and comfort”

The Interchangeable Analogue System allows you to customise the thumbstick height and grip at any time. A taller thumbstick height generally increases accuracy and improves control. It comes with three different heights and can be changed as simply as clipping in another top. This is a popular feature for many pro gamers.


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Splash Grip

“If you get sweaty hands when things get tense during gameplay, Splash Grip is a must-have”

The Splash Grip is a rubberised, textured surface on the back of the controller. There isn’t any nice way to say this: Sweaty hands and plastic don’t tend to mix well. Adding the Splash Grip to your controller is going to add comfort and control where you need it most.


Dexi Disk

“This disk-shaped cover for the d-pad almost acts as an Analogue stick for this part of the controller”

Not solely for aesthetics, the Dexi Disk is a removable rubber cover that gives the player more sense of control and precision by increasing the surface area for the thumb to rest on. It looks great on the controller whilst also helping with diagonal movements.