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Make Your Own TCP PS4 Controller

Custom Mod Kits

Our MOD KIT enables you to make your own TCP PS4 controller using tools readily available at home. The Mod can be installed WITHOUT THE NEED for any SOLDERING, GLUING or WIRING skills.


Buy Your Kit

Choose your preferred Mod Kit and button configuration. ReMappable option is also availble.


Take Apart

Pop the parts out of your chosen casing, clean them &  arrange neatly.


Construct Kit

Use the parts to construct your mod kit with the included circuit board.


Insert into Controller

Add your constructed Mod Kit into your PS4 controller and screw back together.

Mod Kits

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the sticker which is at the back of your controller. There should be a serial number on the left side which will correspond with the above list, under “Controller Versions”.

If your Sticker has worn and the serial number is not clear then the best thing to do would be to open your controller and check the circuit board inside. Compare the circuit board inside with the pictures above. This will ensure you have the correct version.

There is no default configuration for the MOD kits.

You can pick any two buttons from the following choices:

R3 and L3.

You can also have remappable ClickSticks which allows you to change the configuration at any time for an additional cost.

All MOD kits come with ClickSticks which is our unique paddle system. The ClickSticks are custom built to your own individual specification which you can pick on the mod kit page.

Philips Screwdriver: PH00
Drill with 5mm drill piece

Prying Tool: handy to open the controller.

The MOD kits are generally pretty easy to install. The kits are designed to clip straight into the controller without the need for any gluing or soldering.

The only manual work needed is to drill the holes onto your back shell. This is where the sticks will protrude for you to add on the ClickSticks. We recommend using a 5mm drill piece with the below measurements acting as a guide:

PS4 controller hole positioning

If you are not good with small, fiddly parts then we wouldn’t recommend buying the mod kit. Please inspect the tutorial videos carefully before making your decision. There are no refunds given for mod kits.