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We are just a group of guys (and gal) who are friendly, positive and most importantly, passionate about gaming. Together, we run a smooth, tight-nit operation working from a studio in London, UK.

We handle all services from the studio which helps us to provide an efficient and personable service. Customer care is handled by Tom (most of the time) and you can say hello at any time using twitter, live chat or our contact form.

Our large range of controllers can all be extensively modified. We have lots of different colour combinations and different designs to choose from which are all made to order. There are also lots of exclusive features which you can addon to your controller.

A tournament-ready controller doesn’t have to cost the earth either. Our stock controller with ClickSticks starts at £65.00 which is the cheapest competition controller on the market.

We always use top quality products as we believe consistently is key.

As well as ClickSticks, we have lots of other exclusive features. SSTs are our unique trigger stop system which allows for quicker L2 and R2 trigger pressing. It shortens the distance the triggers have to depress allowing you to press it twice as fast.

Its good for games such as call of duty where shooting a single fire weapon really quickly can give a massive advantage. Other features consist of Trigger Caps,
GripClips and

We are fully committed to providing a service all of our customers will be happy with. In unlikely event that you dont like your controller, we offer a 14 day, no-quibble returns policy. Dont like it? Send it back to us.

Seriously though… you will be pleasantly surprised with our controllers and features. We get a lot of hesitant and apprehensive customers who cant decide on ClickSticks and they always come back with positive feedback!

When looking for a tournament controller, our advice is always the same: Stick to Sony. Its hard to see why you would look any further than the Dualshock 4. Its Sony’s official controller. Its the controller which comes with the console. Nothing will work better. Its obvious.

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Our Custom PS4 Controllers are all handled by professionals who are passionate about gaming.

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