What Makes Our Professional PS4 Controllers Different?

Professional PS4 controllers are en vogue these days. As more and more FPS titles are released and become mainstream, with other titles in other genres starting to take advantage of the added features of tournament-grade PS4 controllers, more and [...]

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The Sony DualShock 4 vs the TCP Ultimate II: Which is the Best PS4 Controller?

You deserve nothing but the best PS4 controller, which, for most people, is the PlayStation 4's default controller, the Sony DualShock 4. And, why not? The Sony DualShock 4 is good enough as it is. It's rather affordable, reliable, [...]

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Why the PlayStation Classic Is Worth the Money (And Why It’s Not)

Taking a page out of Nintendo's playbook, Sony decided to release the PlayStation Classic just in time for the holidays for $99 (a far-cry from the $299 price tag that the original came with), complete with 20 popular titles [...]

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