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UPDATE: Pro PS5 controllers out soon – The Team 🙂


Design Your Own PS4 Controller

Use the UKs most comprehensive builder to make truly unique and personal controller. We have over a 1000 different combination of colours and designs, combined with some of the best features around.

No limits


Controllers are available in a variety of colours and styles and can be customised to suit your needs. Express your individuality and personal style. You’ll get the highest possible level of satisfaction at affordable prices. Fine tune every little detail.


Pro Controllers


Our tournament-ready PS4 controllers are perfect for the serious gamer. They are pre-installed with the fundamental features that guarantee an improved level of gameplay. We say that our pro controllers will add an average of 25% to your gaming level. Why not try “the most ergonomic competition controller on the market” and see your improvement for yourself.

Matte PS4 Controllers

A slight twist to the original ps4 controller. Our matte ps4 controllers have an understated yet powerful on-trend look. We recommend our matte models for customers who are looking for a classic style controller. Matte controllers have a soft velvety feel to them. They offer an extremely smooth finish and come in a variety of colours.

Patterned PS4 Controllers

Our patterned ps4 controllers offer a great range of fun and unique designs to your controller. There is something for everyone in this range.

Coloured PS4 Controllers

Our coloured PS4 controllers are popular amongst our customers who want a sleek, smart controller with an element of a classic PS4 controller look. We have an extremely large range of colours so you should be able to find your lucky colour. You are more than welcome to combine colours in the build shop.

Chrome PS4 Controllers

Introducing our range of shiny chrome PS4 controllers. They come in a variety of different colours with a sleek mirror-like finish. These bright lustrous controllers are slick and incredibly eye-catching with a smooth comfortable texture. Beam your way to the finish line with one of these custom made PS4 controllers in your grip.

What the
press say


The Controller People know how to make a personal customizable controller. With their clicksticks paving the way to more accessible combinations, and a variety of customizations to choose from, this custom controller is worth every penny.


“If you’re willing to spend £54.99 on a brand new Dualshock PS4 Controller at your local retailer, do us both a favour and buy it from The Controller People, as for just a little bit more you can own something really awesome, really personal and ultimately really special”


For someone thats had a lot of experience with custom controllers I can say that the ClickSticks alone are worth trying these guys out. They are unique and make for an interesting and refreshing experience playing games. Well done.


We’ve seen our fair share of paddles attached to the rear, but this time The Controller People have chosen little triggers, or if you prefer, studs. These are positioned near to where your middle fingers naturally rest, making them easy to push and comfortable to use.


Overall, at the end of the day, it turns out that not only do The Controller People make a nice custom controller with a whole bunch of really cool gadgets, they also have some non-obtrusive options to really enhance gameplay built right into it. Well, for a price at least.